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Can you make a success out of self-publishing

I just received an email from a lady who was receiving conflicting information about how best to approach a self-publishing option and wanted advice. The thrust of it was a suspicion amongst writer groups that self-publishing is something akin to placing a bell around an author’s neck, so we all know to keep away. It’s a sad picture, when we know that independent publishing has created a wealth of fascinating material that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. Read more

Mungo The Extreme Adventures of a TV Cameraman

Zaccmedia is excited to be working with Paul Mungeam, aka “Mungo”, to produce and publish his book, “Mungo: The Extreme Adventures of a TV Cameraman”. Over the last 20 years Mungo has travelled to over 80 countries, filming for all the major broadcasters (BBC, National Geographic, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, Sky… ) and working with some of the biggest names on TV – some of whom have become friends for life.  Read more

Zaccmedia Coming Soon September 2014

We are thrilled to be publishing two new titles for early this September, each holding its own particular interest.

Author Richard Roe has written “Beyond the Final Curtain – What Happens When We Die”. It is summed up by renowned international teacher and speaker, R.T. Kendall. He writes of the book: “If you are dreading the event we all must go through, then this is your book. You should never have this fear again after reading it.”

Also due out soon is a colourful fantasy novel set in a parallel universe, on the planet Whell featuring the character Jae. It’s a Narniaesque story, imaginatively conceived and written by Lou Arnold. Before she recently married, her pen name was Lou Santos and will be familiar to readers of her last book, “Holy Life”. Her website can be found at



An interesting battle between Hatchett and Amazon continues, with valid points from both sides of the argument. Self-publishing authors are coming to Amazon’s defence, recognising their role in giving them a remarkable marketplace that was once the exclusive space for high value commercial publishers. Hatchett, however, also have a point to make highlighting the starving of the high end of book publishing, where publishers are investing heavily into the best authors and yet are expected to reap tiny margins through Amazon’s massive discount demands. In summary, Amazon are said to be destroying the commercial publishing ecosystem, where margins are required to accommodate publishers costs through editing, typesetting, design, author royalties, print costs and marketing – all of which benefit Amazon through sales.On the flip side, self-published authors have never had it better, having access to a sales platform that gives them equal footing to compete with the big authors.

It will be interesting to see how this standoff is resolved. Here is the full article:

 Zaccmedia bridges between the two, offering commercial level services to authors to create a quality book that is optimised for online delivery through our print and distribution platform within the UK, USA and Australia. We can also deliver worldwide. What we term bridge publishing is what we believe is the new way forward for serious self publishing authors.

We are delighted to be finalising some new books for release in June, published under our Print & eBook Distribution Package. This is an advance preview of the book covers prepared for the launch. We have Unveiling Spiritual Mysteries of Your Destiny by Augustino Lyimo, a spiritually insightful book that helps the reader to identify blockages to their Christian walk and to discover ways to overcome them. Augustino encourages us to stop seeing ourselves as merely flesh and blood, limited by circumstance, but instead to see a spiritual dimension in all we do and to see greater things are possible through Jesus. Read more

A Farmer's Lad

COMING SOON: February 2014.

It’s Zaccmedia’s privilege to be publishing the memoirs of retiring rural solicitor, Geoff Tomlinson. Highly regarded in the agricultural community, Geoff has been advising farmers for the last 36-years. This book has been written to mark his retirement in March 2014 and retells with humour many anecdotes. The book will contain a wealth of images and line drawing illustrations that will make this a popular purchase, especially for those in the farming world.

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Now Available from our Bookstore

One of our latest titles in development for the author, Stephen Bishop, is “Dialogue with a Donkey”. This is no ordinary donkey, but a talking donkey – straight out of the Bible (not Alice in Wonderland!). The following is a write up about it.

This is a book for those who want to hear God’s voice of guidance through the noise of life and circumstance. The story of Balaam, the talking donkey, and the angel brandishing a giant sword, is a powerful and sobering illustration of a life of mixed motives, with one foot inside and one foot outside the Kingdom of God. Balaam is determined to go his way, yet God uses a donkey to challenge his direction in life. But there is more to this outlandish story.

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Christianity and the Supernatural by Christopher Brearley is a new title to be published in February.

The supernatural is arguably one of the most debated and least understood aspects of Christianity. Taking on this complex and emotively charged subject, the author presents his perspective on questions such as:

  • How can we be affected by the spiritual realm?
  • How are we to understand a miracle, and do they happen today?
  • Is prophecy a continuing gift in the Church today?
  • Do miracles have natural explanations?
  • What are angels and demons, are they real, and how do they interact with us?
  • Should we believe in spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare today?
  • Is it possible to have an insight into life after death?

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