Awake! Rise and Glow


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What’s it all about?
What’s happening in the world?
How can we know the difference between truth and deception?
What happened between the Jewish Yeshua and the Christian Church?
What do the signs in the sky mean?
Where has the Lord gone?
Where is His power and love?

The signs of something significant are in the skies and the terrible devastation of weather patterns. But is all of this just a scientific and natural blip? Is civil unrest, new warfare tactics, economic decline and religious persecution just a cyclical phase of society? Or is biblical prophecy coming to a crescendo? The author invites you to join with him on a frank and honest life-changing journey of discovery and revelation as he tackles these and many more questions. The journey is sometimes painful, shocking and hard as the author’s broken heart and quest for the Lord is openly shared. Deep spiritual truths are carefully, biblically and historically unravelled in an easy to understand and compassionate written style. You will not leave these pages unchallenged or untouched by the Holy Spirit as the light of holiness penetrates your soul.

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Leon Gosiewski




6 x 9"



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June 2014

I found this book a fascinating and challenging read. Whether you agree or not with Leon’s conclusions, there is no side-stepping the issues he raises. He punctuates the whole book with references from Scripture and places all this within a historical and cultural context which unpacks the meaning of the original text in a meaningful and thought-provoking way. If you want to be inspired, challenged and motivated to get ready for the second coming of Christ, read this book!

Rev Steve Flashman
International author, composer, singer, recording artist,
TV and radio presenter, and preacher

It is my pleasure to place my endorsement on this book…which clearly explains how we are to understand the times in which we are living. Not only will you receive a refresher course in church history, but you will be challenged to move from self to living in the resurrected Christ of the Bible.
It is truly time for the church of Jesus Christ to wake up and finish the job which was assigned to us by the Messiah Himself. Now is the time to win the lost, love people like never before, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world, because His return is imminent.
If I chose anything particularly to comment on from this book, I would have to say that our call to love our brothers and sisters as well as all of humankind would clearly coincide with the message of the Bible. And as a minister of over forty-one years, I can say that the practice of displaying real love has truly slipped through the fingers of the church. We see more prejudice among believers of various denominations than ever before. It is most definitely a spirit that prevails today yet remains a choice which every Christian must make each day.
Personally, I agree with and have preached for years that we are on the brink of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit known to humankind, which will be the prelude to the coming of Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28 should be a deciding factor for all Christians, Jews and the entire church world which says, ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’
 My friend and author Leon Gosiewski states, ‘If we do not do this we will fail to “be aglow with the Spirit” (Romans 12:11)’. If we as the church are to walk in God’s supernatural power in these last days, we must love like Christ loved us and gave His life for us. I urge you to read this book, devour its contents and put its precepts into practice, because Jesus truly is coming soon. Are you ‘awake’ and ‘ready for His return’? Today is your time and the opportunity is now.

Rev Dr Bill Hanshew
President and senior pastor of Worship & Word Fellowship & Ministries Inc.
Singer, songwriter and president of Bill Hanshew Ministries

I am not sure quiet what I expected when I began to read ‘Awake! Rise and Glow’ but it is a thoughtful examination of Jewish history and Jewish-Christian relationships over the centuries. As we follow the journey of God’s people (Jewish and Gentile) through the ages, we are challenged about our own beliefs and attitudes. We are reminded that we too are on a journey and we need to keep close to our Guide, to listen carefully to the instructions and above all to follow Him – As one of the chapters in this challenging book ends: “Never leave the cross of Calvary out of sight. Keep it with you wherever you go.”
We are encouraged, through this book to allow God to deal with the ideas and actions that hold us back, things present and things past and to “live the life of heaven on earth”. I have been inspired to live a life that is more ‘awake’ and reverential and not be drawn into either legalism or triviality. I pray that those who read ‘Awake! Rise and Glow’ will heed its challenge.

Joy Sims BA, MEd
Messianic teacher, member of the Beit Yeshua Messianic Fellowship,
Former ministry with CMJ (Church’s Ministry among Jewish People)
and Assistant Head Teacher

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