Zaccmedia provides self-publishing book production services and professional video & photography for a range of business and personal applications. Based in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

Quality self-publishing

Zaccmedia is expert in self-publishing quality titles and helps bridge the gap between author and reader. We efficiently turn your raw manuscript into a professionally finished printed book and eBook, providing high levels of attention to detail and sensitive design. It would be our privilege to be part of fulfilling your vision to publish your writing and help put it into the hands of those most interested in it.

Whether it is a novel, a Christian teaching book, an historical account, or you just want to leave a precious legacy to your family and friends – whatever your personal journey or call in writing, Zaccmedia will smoothly pull all the strands together. We offer friendly advice and help you through each step of the otherwise complicated publishing process.

Zaccmedia also provides an optional marketing suite aimed to help bridge your book to its target readership. See what others have to say about Zaccmedia’s publishing services here.

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Holy Grit Paperback

The Posture Principle Paperback

Necklace of Lies Paperback


Submit your manuscript

submit manuscript

Submit your manuscript here to receive a free evaluation of your book and start the publishing process with Zaccmedia – in submitting your manuscript, you are not yet making any commitment.

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Self-Publishing & Distribution

Print-On-Demand book distribution is truly the next generation method for authors and publishers who don’t want to commit to vast inventories of stock they would have to pay up front for. Get on Amazon, and be available even overseas.

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One-to-One Service

One-to-One Service

We run a personalised service to deliver projects tailored to your specific needs. You will have direct communication throughout the process on whichever project you commission us to undertake.

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