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We offer an all in one publishing & sales solution, or offer a separate typesetting and design service for independent publishing.

Zaccmedia is expert in assisting authors to self-publish and distribute their books, bridging the gap between author and reader. We efficiently turn your raw manuscript into a professionally finished printed book and eBook, providing high levels of attention to detail and sensitive design. It would be our privilege to be part of fulfilling your vision to publish your writing and help put it into the hands of those most interested in it.

What we do

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Book Design

Beautiful cover and interior book design is important to our authors, readers and probably more so to us, which is why every book is tailor made to its genre and contents.


All Zaccmedia publishing packages include an excellent value editing service, the type of which is reviewed upon submission.


Some may write just for their friends and families, which is great! Others may want a larger audience for their story or message. We have great tools to get people interested.

Printing & Distribution

We can supply books to both the general and Christian book trade or to private addresses, using our print-on-demand distribution network in the UK, USA and Australia. Order a single book or hundreds, it’s fast and easy. Delivery available worldwide via international couriers.

Print & eBook Distribution Package

We keep it straightforward and offer a single, fully comprehensive publishing package that covers all you need for a professionally produced book and Kindle eBook, with essential tools for basic marketing needs, including flyers and promotional graphics. The package also includes printing (10 complimentary copies are included in our package, with special author discounts for additional printings) and world distribution to private addresses and to shops. See our publishing package page for comprehensive details – we offer incredible value for such a comprehensive service. Compared to some companies, our entire package is cheaper than their editing service alone.

Pick & Mix

You may not want a full publishing package service, but rather prefer to use just one of our services, such as producing a cover design, or typesetting (page layout) or editing. Not all our services are available in our modular pick and mix, as we think our publishing package offers the best blend of budget and service. We recommend you contact us with your specific requirements and we can advise accordingly. For non-Zaccmedia published authors, we don’t provide printing services.


Z-Launch is our bolt-on additional marketing package, which can be added to our standard Print & eBook Distribution Package (which already has great tools). Z-Launch is a marketing package for authors wanting to invest into attaining greater visibility for their book. Details of this marketing package are available if you sign up with our mailing list, which is designed to also provide ongoing advice and news of developments that can help authors. Book marketing strategies are unique to different books and individuals, which is why we don’t have a single fix it package. Whilst no one strategy guarantees sales, it will help test the success potential of your book and widen your audience significantly. See the Z-Launch page for more information.

Amazon Only (KDP) Package

Amazon KDP is a free platform available to anyone for selling physical books and Kindle ebooks directly to customers on Amazon. They use their own print-on-demand platform, formerly known as “CreateSpace”. This limited form of publishing is appealing for those that want a solid but cheaper entry into self-publishing. For authors that specifically just want design files created to Amazon KDP’s submission requirements, we offer an initial consultation and a book design service that will enable you to publish to their platform. See our publishing packages page for more details.

Manuscript Review

We evaluate manuscripts on multiple levels. Does the book require light or heavy editing? Would it benefit from structural editing? Does the book have commercial appeal – the potential to be a blockbuster, a bestseller to take the world by storm? Sometimes authors write their book and think, “wow”, this is REALLY good! With experience in commercial and self-publishing sectors, Zaccmedia offers authors a neutral, down to earth appraisal. More often, books are for family, friends, personal networks and all other readers are a bonus! Whatever the manuscript, we can tell you how to move forward with it.

General Advice

For most authors, especially those new to publishing, the process to publication can seem daunting. Zaccmedia offers unbiased advice to potential authors looking to publish, highlighting the pros and cons of the different types of publication routes that are available. We respect all authors works and budgets and want them to choose the best solution that suits their vision and pocket.

Design Guidance

Book design looks simple, but a wonderful, clean layout that offers the reader a pleasant reading experience is a kind of spacial art form. A great deal of experience and knowledge of design principles goes into the making of our books. The outcome depends on the actual written content – we review this, and as part of our packages we offer sound advice and guidance on how best to present it – this is especially valuable for more complicated structures of text and tables.

Finding your audience

It’s the hardest part of the publishing process – finding your reader audience. It’s even harder in self-publishing, when the overall standard of writing isn’t in the commercial vein (most self-pub authors aren’t professional writers). However, there are methods to find an audience, so long as the book has valuable content. For those on our packages, we offer advice and contemporary solutions for furthering your book marketing and finding readers. Like most marketing, it does require additional investment above that included in our regular packages.

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Preview our work before committing your book to Zaccmedia (please be patient for some pages to load, due to high resolution images)

Sample Book Package

Flyer Designs

Brochure Design

Sample Illustrated Book

Page Layout Design

Book Cover Design

How to begin your publishing journey…


Get an Estimate

Receive your estimate via our Cost Calculator (see Pricing link in the menu). At the end of the estimate you will have the option to submit a manuscript for review.


Project Review

Zaccmedia will review your project from the information you sent via the estimate tool. We will contact you with advice about your best publishing solution.



After receiving our advice, should you wish to go ahead and publish with Zaccmedia we will send you a publishing contract to review and sign. Half payment is due in advance.

Book Design

Publishing Begins!

Once the contract is signed and payment made, we start the publishing process, starting with editing. Or if using Pick and Mix, we will complete book design work according to an agreed schedule.

A one-to-one book publishing service

Whether it is a novel, a Christian teaching book, an historical account, or you just want to leave a precious legacy to your family and friends – whatever your personal journey or call in writing, Zaccmedia will smoothly pull all the strands together.

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