Zaccmedia provides self-publishing book production services and professional video & photography for a range of business and personal applications. Based in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

About us

About Us

Paul Stanier, Publisher for Zaccmedia

Zaccmedia is a book publishing company based in Preston, Lancashire that specialises in traditional and digital book publishing services. Raised in the North West of England, Paul Stanier is the founding owner of Zaccmedia and has eleven years experience in book publishing. He was formerly Managing Director of Sovereign World, a highly regarded commercial book publishing company and has personally published over 100 titles and been involved in the production of many more. Zaccmedia is the place to find affordable top quality services in book publishing. See a summary of what we offer below, or explore our site for more details about our publishing options. We think we offer a great service, but don’t take our word for it – read our testimonies.

Book Publishing

Books_Service_IconZaccmedia takes advantage of today’s modern technology to provide a range of affordable publishing options that gives any author amazing worldwide distribution of both paperback books and eBooks. The process where an author takes control of their own publication is known as Self-Publishing. We go into detail of what Self-Publishing is, what it means when we say Zaccmedia is a “Bridge Publisher”, what you need to consider, and what services we offer. Choose any of the following links to learn more:

Book Publishing ServicesWhat is Self/Bridge Publishing?Publishing Cost Calculator


Author Video Packages
Video_Service_IconZaccmedia can supply authors with a promotional video to help promote their book online. Videos are far more engaging and able to catch people’s interest than a static book cover image with some words. If you have a major publishing project you want to promote hard, especially through social media, then our video service is ideal for your needs. Whilst based in Lancashire, we are willing to travel for video work. Please contact us for prices and further details.


Author Headshot

Photography_Service_IconAuthor headshot photograph
Zaccmedia can provide authors with slick, studio style portraits for either the front or back of their book covers, or for use as a profile image when promoting their book. We operate from Preston, Lancashire so this is really only suitable for those local or if willing to travel to us.

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For enquiries, please visit the page of one of our specific enquiry forms, which helps us better understand your requirements:

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At your request, we are happy to phone you back and provide a free, short consultation on your project. All our publishing packages currently include professional consultation throughout book production.