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Archive for August, 2014

Can you make a success out of self-publishing

I just received an email from a lady who was receiving conflicting information about how best to approach a self-publishing option and wanted advice. The thrust of it was a suspicion amongst writer groups that self-publishing is something akin to placing a bell around an author’s neck, so we all know to keep away. It’s a sad picture, when we know that independent publishing has created a wealth of fascinating material that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. Read more

Mungo The Extreme Adventures of a TV Cameraman

Zaccmedia is excited to be working with Paul Mungeam, aka “Mungo”, to produce and publish his book, “Mungo: The Extreme Adventures of a TV Cameraman”. Over the last 20 years Mungo has travelled to over 80 countries, filming for all the major broadcasters (BBC, National Geographic, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, Sky… ) and working with some of the biggest names on TV – some of whom have become friends for life.  Read more

Zaccmedia Coming Soon September 2014

We are thrilled to be publishing two new titles for early this September, each holding its own particular interest.

Author Richard Roe has written “Beyond the Final Curtain – What Happens When We Die”. It is summed up by renowned international teacher and speaker, R.T. Kendall. He writes of the book: “If you are dreading the event we all must go through, then this is your book. You should never have this fear again after reading it.”

Also due out soon is a colourful fantasy novel set in a parallel universe, on the planet Whell featuring the character Jae. It’s a Narniaesque story, imaginatively conceived and written by Lou Arnold. Before she recently married, her pen name was Lou Santos and will be familiar to readers of her last book, “Holy Life”. Her website can be found at