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Publishing a legacy – a memoir – is one of the principal reasons some authors come to Zaccmedia. It is not for wide public acclaim or commercial aspirations, but simply to leave a footprint of their legacy behind, in the form of a memoir, for their family and wider network of friends and beyond. These authors are driven by a desire to see their life lessons and experiences remembered. Not merely for book sales, but for genuine historical record, and expressing lessons learnt for future generations.

We have the privilege of publishing some amazing stories, not least the autobiographies of those who have done and seen extraordinary things. One of our latest projects is the life story and legacy of Dr Gordon Mungeam, who witnessed momentous moments in history. He witnessed at first hand the ending of the British Empire in Kenya and spent years in Whitehall during the Cold War. He has had the privilege of meeting members of the Royal family and was director of Greenwich Hospital, London. Yet, he says “through it all a loving family and a strong Christian faith are a unifying theme”. Read more


z-launch-50px-logoZ-LAUNCH is Zaccmedia’s enhanced author book marketing suite, to compliment our inclusive Publishing Package marketing service. So what does Z-LAUNCH have to offer? It is increasingly difficult in a saturated marketplace flooded with books to get a new book seen by anyone, let alone bought. We need to get active if we are to see the purpose of a book realised – that is, to find readers for it! Marketing is the most underestimated or ignored part of the publishing process. After investing in the publishing of your book it is vital authors take steps to promote it. This statement is equally true for both self-publishers and those who have recognised author names that are published with the big publishing companies. This is where author book marketing is so vital, and is where Z-LAUNCH can help. Read more

Victory over Schizophrenia

The latest book to launch in the Zaccmedia self-publishing stable is one that is about a remarkable demonstration of brotherly love. It is one that will especially affect those families who know the painful reality of having a relative develop severe mental illness. Author Paul Penman, who also published Why Did Grandpa Go to Africa? with Zaccmedia, is giving the book his official launch in his hometown in Australia on the 26th November, but the book is available to purchase now via the Zaccmedia bookstore and Amazon.

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Commercial Publishing Projects

One of Zaccmedia’s strengths is that we pull together all the different components of book publishing and offer an integrated service. This can also mean providing a full or modular production service for some commercial publishers as well as self-publishing authors. Over the last few months Zaccmedia has been working on some outstanding publications, not least the most recent: The God-Life by Rev. Jim Graham. It was our privilege to have been able to produce this book for Sovereign World Ltd. Zaccmedia was able to supply proof editing, typesetting, cover design and eBook conversion and the finished result is a beautiful book hopefully worthy of the amazing content inside. The God-Life is an extraordinary paraphrase of the letters of the Apostle Paul, written in a contemporary and life challenging way! The cover image is deeply evocative of how we might imagine Paul, chained whilst writing these precious letters. Read more

Molten Manuscript

When Self-Publishing Works

As well as providing our self-publishing services with full distribution and print services, Zaccmedia strives to service the author and the reader with a professionally thought through book. It is thought through, rather than just produced, because every project and every author is different. The Mizpah Ring presentation on this page is just one demonstration of how a book is shaped through the process of a carefully produced publishing package. To make self-publishing successful it is vital to make the book the best communication device possible, whether paper or digital. See the below image to read more. Read more

Ingram UK Headquarters

Ingram UK Headquarters

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Ingram’s UK headquarters which is also their print and distribution facility in Milton Keynes (just up the road from Amazon). Zaccmedia uses their facilities for most of our book titles. Ingram are the world’s largest book distributor, a mantle earned by its immense presence in the US marketplace. They work with some of the biggest book publishers in the business, providing backlist titles for Penguin, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and giant academic book publisher, Pearson, amongst many others. Books going back to the 17th century are made available to the world through its trade quality print on demand technology. Putting old and often out of copyright information back into circulation is often referred to as content aggregation, and is another new business born out of Ingram’s print service. Read more

Quality self-publishing

Book Cover Design

Spring is here and Zaccmedia is delighted to be offering a huge range of self-publishing services for authors, especially Christian authors to whom we offer market specialisation.  There have been a raft of exciting new book publishing projects from authors with stories to tell or with something to teach and share. Read more

NEW! Full UK traditional print & distribution service


We are excited to announce a superb new arm to Zaccmedia’s publishing services – full commercial scale volume printing and distribution through our new UK warehouse and distribution facility. Zaccmedia now offers a new premium self-publishing solution to high selling authors, with a comprehensive set of services aimed to significantly increase profits for the author. It’s an innovation in the publishing industry that will reward any author that has an established network and audience to sell to. Through our new premium author service, Zaccmedia gives the lion’s share of the royalty to the author, turning the publishing model upside down. Read more