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Children’s Book: Dori the Donkey

Coming Early April 2014. 

We are in the process of creating a children’s full colour short story book called “Dori, the Donkey of Destiny” by Adele Pilkington and illustrated in watercolour by Eira Reeves. 

Dori the Donkey

The author’s back cover description of the book, is as follows:

Surely they must love Him’, the donkey proudly thought,
‘I must do my job faithfully, just as my mum has taught’.
When their journey was over, they rested for the night,
The little donkey gladly recalled such an amazing sight…

Join Dori, the little donkey and his friends in their adventures as they discover more about well-loved Bible characters through stories, colourful pictures and poems.

Adele intends that all proceeds which she receives from the sales of this book will be distributed among children’s charities highlighted in the book.

Dori the Donkey will be available for release in the beginning of April 2014.

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