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Christian Book Publishing for Artists and Writers in 2021

Christian book publishing 2021

A year like 2020 causes many to pause and think about the greater things in life, and in Christian book publishing it has been a year of restraint but also meaningfulness. Out of hardships, the treasures in truth can sometimes be found – both within ourselves and through the lives of others around us. Hardship chisels away at the superfluous to reveal the true shape of things – for better or worse. It is often these moments we can find artists and writers on the coal face of creativity finding new underground reservoirs of self-examination, thought, opinion, realisation and revelation.

God’s Way

Few on this planet have escaped the chaos Covid-19 has brought, and continues to bring, but I am optimistic it will herald a deeper approach of thinking to our humanity, and how our mortality can be understood in the light of God’s omniscient presence. God’s ways are the only way for man to walk, and He calls each one of us to a path only we can walk. Nobody can walk it for us, because our path is designed to rely on God to qualify our walk with Him, and in Him alone. It is the journey of forgiveness of others and ourselves, of selflessness, of servitude, of courage, of grace, of peace and ultimately of love.

All these fruits found on our journey require faith born out of righteousness, credited to us through Jesus, and made fruitful through the work of the Holy Spirit inside us. It’s the truths of the Old Testament empowered by the work of Jesus who, through a new covenant, came into our lives like that bright morning star.

Fruit & Evidence

And so it is, like the Magi that brought gifts to Jesus by following His bright star, so do we creatives… we bring our offerings as fruit and evidence of our journey, but the fruit is not enough. We want to share it with the world. Mary and Joseph would have realized the truth of their child, Jesus, in ever greater measure because of the arrival of the Magi. The Magi brought a lamp to their path, to help them continue the walk of faith they needed.

Crossing Paths

The Christian writer, to be fruitful, must be a light… if only to cast a light on the path of others who cross our own, looking for guidance along their way. It’s the purpose of Christian book publishing… to illuminate each other’s path. We are not just showing them our path – we are encouraging them they are on the right path – the path that God reveals by each step we take in the present.

For this command is a lamp,
    this teaching is a light,
and correction and instruction
    are the way to life,

Proverbs 6:23

This is an encouragement to all those that are creative and write, that seek to light the way for others, that seek Christian book publishing as a way to help others. Continue the journey, the Way, the path and follow the bright morning star. It will take you to those who need your gifts. It will help many let go of their mortality into the hands of our eternal God. They will know they are on the right path.

Happy New Year.

Paul Stanier
Publisher, Zaccmedia

UK Christian book publisher

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