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Dialogue with a Donkey

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One of our latest titles in development for the author, Stephen Bishop, is “Dialogue with a Donkey”. This is no ordinary donkey, but a talking donkey – straight out of the Bible (not Alice in Wonderland!). The following is a write up about it.

This is a book for those who want to hear God’s voice of guidance through the noise of life and circumstance. The story of Balaam, the talking donkey, and the angel brandishing a giant sword, is a powerful and sobering illustration of a life of mixed motives, with one foot inside and one foot outside the Kingdom of God. Balaam is determined to go his way, yet God uses a donkey to challenge his direction in life. But there is more to this outlandish story.

Dialogue with a Donkey
Dialogue with a Donkey

Our life path cannot be presumed to be the right one. God turns up in our life in unexpected ways, to both steer, encourage and sometimes to block. The story of Balaam challenges our response to God. Interpreting God’s direction is not enough. The author uses the story of Balaam to help us nurture a deeper understanding of how God relates to us in a series of conversations that are communicated to not just our mind and emotions, but to our spirit also.

It is with a Divine perspective that the reader is encouraged to view their lives, not merely from a human one. Central to this story is the figure of Jesus, who is powerfully presented as the one ever present in our darkest hour. The stubborn donkey gives us a precious insight into God meeting man on earth and his dealings with us. Are we listening?


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