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Hatchett and Amazon and the battle for self-publishing authors

An interesting battle between Hatchett and Amazon continues, with valid points from both sides of the argument. Self-publishing authors are coming to Amazon’s defence, recognising their role in giving them a remarkable marketplace that was once the exclusive space for high value commercial publishers. Hatchett, however, also have a point to make highlighting the starving of the high end of book publishing, where publishers are investing heavily into the best authors and yet are expected to reap tiny margins through Amazon’s massive discount demands. In summary, Amazon are said to be destroying the commercial publishing ecosystem, where margins are required to accommodate publishers costs through editing, typesetting, design, author royalties, print costs and marketing – all of which benefit Amazon through sales.On the flip side, self-published authors have never had it better, having access to a sales platform that gives them equal footing to compete with the big authors.

It will be interesting to see how this standoff is resolved. Here is the full article:https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/jul/04/amazon-hachette-self-published-authors-stephen-king-james-patterson

 Zaccmedia bridges between the two, offering commercial level services to authors to create a quality book that is optimised for online delivery through our print and distribution platform within the UK, USA and Australia. We can also deliver worldwide. What we term bridge publishing is what we believe is the new way forward for serious self publishing authors.

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