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Full UK traditional print & distribution service

NEW! Full UK traditional print & distribution service


We are excited to announce a superb new arm to Zaccmedia’s publishing services – full commercial scale volume printing and distribution through our new UK warehouse and distribution facility. Zaccmedia now offers a new premium self-publishing solution to high selling authors, with a comprehensive set of services aimed to significantly increase profits for the author. It’s an innovation in the publishing industry that will reward any author that has an established network and audience to sell to. Through our new premium author service, Zaccmedia gives the lion’s share of the royalty to the author, turning the publishing model upside down.

This premium print & distribution service model includes:Warehouse2

  • Traditional offset volume printing in any format of choice (minimum runs of 1000 copies) with hardback or paperback options and embossing, foil, UV spot varnish, colour inserts, colour printing and other bespoke options.
  • Full UK next day distribution supply to the largest UK book wholesalers and retailers: Gardners, Bertrams, Waterstones, Amazon and more.
  • Single order fulfilment to any address, including review copies.
  • Constant “in stock” online availability through Zaccmedia’s bookstore (in addition to Amazon).
  • Pallet storage and full inventory management of books.


How does this differ to Zaccmedia’s others publishing package services?

Up until now, our main service (and continues to be our main service), has offered authors the superb flexibility and amazing world distribution of digitally printed-on-demand books which are of high trade quality. We continue this 21st century model of publishing and distribution, and anticipate that in the future most printing and distribution will eventually be done digitally. However, the traditional route of the big publishing companies does retain some advantages and we have now made this a possibility for ambitious self-publishing authors who believe they can sell in high volume and therefore want a much larger share of reward in royalty than is possible under a commercial contract with a standard publisher. Zaccmedia steps into this gap.

Our new traditional print and distribution facility allows authors to print books using the same traditional offset methods used by large publishers. On this model, the author must print and purchase a minimum of 1000 books at print cost, and in doing so, they are getting a far cheaper unit cost per book than is currently possible with print-on-demand. Offset printed books also gives the author a wider paper choice and bespoke specification options. The vastly improved cost margins per book increase the overall profitability of the project, boosting income.

This new service provides a comprehensive distribution solution on behalf of the author, under Zaccmedia’s publishing imprint, ISBN and service. We will provide the author the same print and distribution services an author would benefit from under a traditional commercial publishing contract, except in this case, the publisher receives the modest royalty, with the majority going back to the author. It’s publishing turned on it’s head, to reflect the way the publishing industry is moving. Author’s want more control, and better returns for their content. This means, should an author be successful in selling through thousands of books, they stand to make a considerable amount of income from their investment.

With such a change in emphasis of how the author benefits, there are some trade offs that the author should be aware of. Traditionally, the publisher took on the financial risk of the publishing project, and would invest into the purchase of 1000 or more books and pay for all the overheads the book generates. Hence why the publisher took the larger share of any sale. We turn this method on its head, where it’s the author’s investment instead, to purchase all their inventory of books, and pay for the distribution service their book receives, including pallet storage, book handling etc. Zaccmedia as publisher receives a fair but much smaller percentage of sales for providing the entire distribution service package and administrating the sales.Pallet

A further difference in this premium self-publishing solution to traditional commercial publishing contracts relates to that key word: marketing. Zaccmedia does not guarantee promotions, marketing or author exposure beyond the tools supplied, such as trade information sheets, flyers, Nielsens and our own social media promotion. Self-publishing is about putting these responsibilities into the author’s own hands. It’s how this premium model works. It is ideal for those that have established audiences, or are selling from platforms to large conferences where sales are guaranteed. In such cases, marketing isn’t the be all and end all. It’s also an ideal solution for organisations that have their own book portfolio but don’t want the hassle of running their own distribution and production.

Despite Zaccmedia putting marketing responsibility with the author, it is in our interests that your book sells. To that end, a visionary part of our model is to gradually grow our marketing strength to benefit all our authors.

Who can apply for this service?

This is self-publishing at the premium end of the market, and requires a confident or experienced author to take full advantage of this outstanding service. It’s for this reason that Zaccmedia reviews each manuscript submission carefully for our premium service, before taking on an author. For general authors, our print-on-demand service is ideal, providing a high level of service. Our premium service is highly specialised and geared to the professional author or author with an outstanding book or marketing strategy.

The tremendous scope of service and professional representation into the heart of the UK book trade makes this one of the most comprehensive services available to any self-publishing author.

If you would like to find out more about this Premium UK Publishing & Volume Distribution service, please contact us.

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