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Parenting with the G-Factor

One of the projects currently in development for publication this January is Parenting with the G-Factor by Abidemi Olajide. Having chosen the popular 6 x 9″ paperback book format as part of his Print & eBook Distribution Package, we have created this cover for him.

After a successful career in the agricultural sector in Nigeria Abidemi joined his wife in a phased family relocation to the UK. He gained the UK Qualified Teacher Status in 2006 but only taught briefly before moving into new careers in parenting assessment, education welfare and the current parenting and family support work. He is a verified facilitator of Parenting Training Programme and also holds the UK (C & G) Level 4 qualification in Work with Parents.

About the book

Parenting with the G-Factor
Parenting with the G-Factor

Parenting is instituted by God who ensured that the necessary instructions for successful parenting are provided in His manual known as the Holy Bible. Parenting is best understood from a relationship context as most parenting problems have deep roots and can be traced back to a disconnection in relationship between God and mankind. Bringing a Godly perspective, or the God factor (G-factor), back into parenting has become inevitable and expedient to arrest the current decay in the parenting of today’s children. This book explores parent-child relationship and various issues that turn it sour in the home, drawing biblical validations and resolutions into these issues.

A Godly perspective into critical topics such as anger, chastisement of children, family violence, separation, lone parenting, absentee fathers, teenage crisis, etc., has been provided in the book. The role of spiritual relaxation in anger management is a must to read. The significance of experiencing God’s love as both antidote and sweetener of sour relationships in the home is validated in this book. The author has over thirty years of parenting experience including his professional practice in parenting training and family support work.

This is a book every parent and carers of children including professionals working with children will find very useful. It will enrich the knowledge and practice of parenting practitioners and trainers.

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