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Sample Book Package

The cover

Bespoke cover design comes as standard.

Our cover designs are created to offer our authors full satisfaction. We want you to have peace of mind that your finished book will have the look that will please both you the author, and your readers. At a time when thousands of books are being published, having a good looking cover is important – but also important is having the right title and subtitle. Zaccmedia’s one-to-one service means you will receive a type of book consultancy based on our extensive experience. We offer authors the chance to provide their own cover design brief, or we can surprise you with our own interpretation. We encourage authors to write their own back cover blurb, but we can help write or edit it as part of the service. Hardback cover options are also available upon request.

Page layout

The interior design is as important, if not more so, than the exterior design. It is where the reader will spend most of their time with your words.

We love giving each book a beautiful page layout. We work through the structure of a manuscript to establish typographical styles for headings, sub-headings, bullet lists, quotes, tables, captions, chapter openers and so on. It helps the reader if we make their reading pleasant, both aesthetically and experientially.

Editing (optional extra)

A properly published book is an edited book. Even today’s most accomplished authors are all rigorously edited to optimise and fine tune their book.

The editing we provide is an optional extra that we can provide to our standard self-publish package. It offers a balance of budget and thoroughness. Our editing is often a blend of copy-editing and proof editing in a single sweep. This means a general tidying up of a manuscript, the method of which depends upon the submitted quality of writing. For manuscripts that require a heavy edit, our edit will stick to the basics of  making sure all sentences read correctly, that spelling and grammatical errors are fixed. For manuscripts presented with advanced english writing skills, our edit will focus on thoroughly proofing the text, but will also give time to creating more efficient text, tightening up sentences and improving flow further. Both these methods of editing will significantly enhance a manuscript for final publication. Contact us for a quote.

Promotional graphics

Optional service extras include the provision of double sides A5 flyers to help promote your book. These are individually designed to suit the branded look of your book.

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