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Their Blood Still Cries Out

The subject of this book deals in part with anti-Semitism and its devastating consequences, such as the holocaust. In creating this book, we needed a cover that was impacting, but not gruesome to the title’s suggestion. It’s a strong title, yet we didn’t want to put the reader off. Instead, we took this atmospheric image of the railway track that transported many to the concentration camp entrance of Birkenau, near Cracow in Poland. For this project we were able to take a portrait photograph of him for the back of the cover!

Technically speaking, many authors perhaps won’t understand the limitations today’s digital printers put on ink density of book covers, typically 240%, meaning they can often look flat, lacking contrast and not having the same colour depth as what was originally designed. When working with high ink density covers, we employ a method that ensures each pixel is processed to give accurate colour  even at reduced densities. This means a more pleasing cover quality than most self-publishers could otherwise achieve.

In this portfolio you will see examples of our 3D graphics and flyer designs, which can be used for mass printing in A5 format, or as email/social media webpage graphics. If you would like your book producing to the same standards, see our book publishing packages.

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Their Blood Still Cries Out

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