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Publishing a Legacy

Publishing a legacy – a memoir – is one of the principal reasons some authors come to Zaccmedia. It is not for wide public acclaim or commercial aspirations, but simply to leave a footprint of their legacy behind, in the form of a memoir, for their family and wider network of friends and beyond. These authors are driven by a desire to see their life lessons and experiences remembered. Not merely for book sales, but for genuine historical record, and expressing lessons learnt for future generations.

We have the privilege of publishing some amazing stories, not least the autobiographies of those who have done and seen extraordinary things. One of our latest projects is the life story and legacy of Dr Gordon Mungeam, who witnessed momentous moments in history. He witnessed at first hand the ending of the British Empire in Kenya and spent years in Whitehall during the Cold War. He has had the privilege of meeting members of the Royal family and was director of Greenwich Hospital, London. Yet, he says “through it all a loving family and a strong Christian faith are a unifying theme”.

It was Zaccmedia’s pleasure to produce a high standard book that fully complimented Dr. Mungeam’s wonderful life story. After publication, he writes:

Dr Gordon Mungeam
Dr Gordon Mungeam

“I am delighted with the finished product. The printers have done a very good job. But they could not have achieved this without your skilful liaison with them. And of course I am deeply indebted to you for all your help and support.

“You’ve taken my breath away. I think the cover is excellent. The back page (as indeed the front) has far exceeded my expectations. I particularly like the image of the car in mid-air! And the actual text (and even the photo!) is really well done.”

It’s super to receive such positive feedback and drives us to excel on each successive project we work on. If you have a life legacy you want to share and desire it to be presented appropriately well, that it makes others want to pick it up, read and enjoy it… contact us for pricing.

Whether you have a commercial novel, history, book of poems, a guidebook, or teaching resource, or anything else… we have the tools, experience and professionalism to create the book you need.

Safari of a Lifetime

Interior Page Sample

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