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Self-publishing books has never been better!

Self-publishing books has never been better and I believe at Zaccmedia we have raised the bar in terms of quality and attention to detail for our authors. We are seeing more and more authors selling hundreds of copies of their book through their own personal resale, enjoying the fulfillment of their vision and purpose of writing. When the Boats Come HomeDorothy Stuart has seen terrific success on her recent book tour, speaking about the history and her personal story woven into her novel, When the Boats Come Home. She tells us,

“My book tour of Scotland was amazingly successful. As it was I’d sold out on the Monday of the third week with still ten days to go! So I shall need more please! Please can I have another 100 copies? By the way, everyone who sees the book, loves it and admires it.”

It’s been a wonderfully busy period of publishing and we have produced some fantastic titles that are sure to delight and inspire readers.

Today has seen the publication of our latest title, Where Are You My Child?, a book originally published in Hebrew. It’s a vivid story of survival and the ability of humanity to withstand life’s greatest tests. It truly is an inspiration, and that’s why I love publishing books through Zaccmedia. You never know what will come around the corner, what life story or pearl of wisdom will be submitted for publication. As well as stories, there is plenty of creativity amongst authors out there and I am delighted to have this same week published The Stones Are Still Singing, a poetic narrative of Christmas and Easter. Ideal for recitals over these festive seasons.


Upon receiving her books, the author Barbara Todd wrote,

“The books look great! Thank you very much. Those I have shown the book to so far also say how good it looks!”

All our self-publishing projects are carefully reviewed and produced, the attention to small details distinguishing us from other self-publishing companies. Let’s take a closer look at our latest project, Where Are You My Child? to demonstrate some of our professional bespoke features.

This book contains a complex narrative, with the voice of the author telling the story through the eyes of her granddaughter, Roni who represents one part of the dialogue. The other narrative is a tape recording of Roni’s great grandparents that tell about their traumas of immigrating to Israel out of wartime Europe. Roni would play the tape, and the reader would “listen in.”

Typesetting different narrative

The text was supplied as an English translation of the original Hebrew manuscript. Our advanced editing worked on the smoothing of some phrases that hadn’t translated well, and also picked up on some narrative inconsistencies noticed by our editor. These were referred back to the author who in turn provided clarification. Advanced editing isn’t just about spelling and punctuation. The result was an accurate representation of the facts, maintaining the integrity of the story, and avoiding simple errors that could have otherwise undermined the story.

Separating the two narratives of the book required care and attention in the typesetting of the interior pages.

Another excellent book we published, Before the Final Curtain, has prompted a hand written letter from a reader to the author, praising its qualities:

“It is all together such a clear and easy to understand presentation of the gospel with the different chapter headings and sections to take one through from start to finish, giving the answers to “Beyond the Final Curtain”. It presents the reader with the need to make a very important decision…

Where Are You My Child?The layout and print size makes for easy reading and the book cover is attractive and with its title should make people want to pick it up and read it and investigate its message. It is a truly scholarly work – by this I mean well written… I am praying that many people will get to read it.”

Zaccmedia is offering great value for quality and range of service, so if you are looking for the right publisher, you found us!

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