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Self-publishing Christian books

Book Cover Design

Spring is here and Zaccmedia is delighted to be offering a huge range of self-publishing services for authors, especially Christian authors to whom we offer market specialisation.  There have been a raft of exciting new book publishing projects from authors with stories to tell or with something to teach and share. We were delighted earlier this year to produce Ever Blessing, Ever Blessed by Chua Wee Hian, a Christian biography of his wife. Zaccmedia designed the cover, edited the text and typeset the interior, which included various images.


A personal venture, the author had no plans to distribute this particular book outside his own extensive working networks, which were in Singapore, London and across other parts of the world he has ministered in. A thousand copies were printed in Singapore.

Colour Book Design

We love publishing in full colour and were delighted to produce Adele Pilkington’s and Eira Reeves’ second title, Fruit for the Lord. The book contains full colour illustrations for a selection of poems, scriptures and some inspirational teaching text on the subject of biblical fruitfulness.


Zaccmedia took the concept further, and added subtle textured colour backgrounds to the pages and some creative fonts and glyphs to add structure and complement the creativity within the book.

Book Design

Fruit for the Lord was printed via our Print-on-Demand and Trade Distribution Platform. Printing colour is expensive and does raise the retail price of the book, but the quality is excellent and makes a beautiful end product.

Colour Book Printing

We can of course print colour via traditional print presses, but does require minimum author orders of 1000 copies. The benefit of print-on-demand is that you can print as few or as many as you need, and are printed to order should the book trade send a wholesale purchase request. This applies to our b&w books too.


Some books have high word counts, with over 100,000 words. The Cup Before Us was one such project. Irrespective of word count, our attention to detail remains of vital importance, and the quality of page design, printing and binding is maintained, no matter the number of pages you add (within reason!).


In this particular book there were a number of tables included, which we are able to incorporate throughout the text.


Page design is important to us and styling a book according to the type of writing isn’t just technical, it’s a craft with subtle creative expression. We look to match styles of contemporary or traditional typefaces with the content of the book.


Jesus – Hope of the Nations, is a book that details, through the eyes of Bishop John Rucyhana, the events that occurred during the Rwandan genocide and the country’s recovery from that dark past. Zaccmedia enjoys publishing a wide variety of writing genres, from inspirational personal testimony, to fiction, to text books, and teaching.

Publish stories

We believe books influence and change lives and we get great satisfaction in providing our authors the platform they need to publish their book.

Book publishing changes lives

There is no such thing as an ordinary life, and this is shown time and again through our authors. We were recently privileged to publish Angela, Then & Now by Angela Davidson.

self-publish amazing stories

It is her life story that starts as early as her being adopted as a baby and her life long quest to discover the truth and meaning of her past and how that affects her present and future.

Publish Books on Adoption

Angela was at a small Christian event where she introduced her book and sold 18 copies on the first day of publication. It is an emotive book, where Zaccmedia scanned and inserted original letters written by Angela’s mother on the day she was born, telling how it was best for Angela to be given up for adoption.

Self-publish professional typesetting

It’s a life journey of yearning for and discovering her real mother, and how her adopted mother coped with the process. Angela’s sense of orphan pain led to a remarkable God centred healing in her life.

Self-publishing interior design

All these books have resonance and meaning to the authors and Zaccmedia’s passion is to present them to the world with care and attention. Quality writing and life stories deserve quality publishing. Beyond the Final Curtain by Richard Roe was given the full professional treatment in editing, typesetting and cover design.

Quality self-publishing

Some authors have fantastic links to well known names that can promote their books. We encourage all our authors to use their connections to help endorse their books. If you have a book ready to be published, then do consider Zaccmedia’s professional services.


We believe we offer great value and breadth of service. Why not request our Author Guide to Book Production & Marketing, which will help you ready your book for publishing and provide some helpful tips on promoting your book.


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