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A Farmer's Lad

COMING SOON: February 2014.

It’s Zaccmedia’s privilege to be publishing the memoirs of retiring rural solicitor, Geoff Tomlinson. Highly regarded in the agricultural community, Geoff has been advising farmers for the last 36-years. This book has been written to mark his retirement in March 2014 and retells with humour many anecdotes. The book will contain a wealth of images and line drawing illustrations that will make this a popular purchase, especially for those in the farming world.

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One of our latest titles in development for the author, Stephen Bishop, is “Dialogue with a Donkey”. This is no ordinary donkey, but a talking donkey – straight out of the Bible (not Alice in Wonderland!). The following is a write up about it.

This is a book for those who want to hear God’s voice of guidance through the noise of life and circumstance. The story of Balaam, the talking donkey, and the angel brandishing a giant sword, is a powerful and sobering illustration of a life of mixed motives, with one foot inside and one foot outside the Kingdom of God. Balaam is determined to go his way, yet God uses a donkey to challenge his direction in life. But there is more to this outlandish story.

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Christianity and the Supernatural by Christopher Brearley is a new title to be published in February.

The supernatural is arguably one of the most debated and least understood aspects of Christianity. Taking on this complex and emotively charged subject, the author presents his perspective on questions such as:

  • How can we be affected by the spiritual realm?
  • How are we to understand a miracle, and do they happen today?
  • Is prophecy a continuing gift in the Church today?
  • Do miracles have natural explanations?
  • What are angels and demons, are they real, and how do they interact with us?
  • Should we believe in spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare today?
  • Is it possible to have an insight into life after death?

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Parenting with the G-Factor

One of the projects currently in development for publication this January is Parenting with the G-Factor by Abidemi Olajide. Having chosen the popular 6 x 9″ paperback book format as part of his Print & eBook Distribution Package, we have created this cover for him.

After a successful career in the agricultural sector in Nigeria Abidemi joined his wife in a phased family relocation to the UK. He gained the UK Qualified Teacher Status in 2006 but only taught briefly before moving into new careers in parenting assessment, education welfare and the current parenting and family support work. He is a verified facilitator of Parenting Training Programme and also holds the UK (C & G) Level 4 qualification in Work with Parents.

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Spirit Breath by John McCormack

We are delighted to be working with John McCormack on his book, Spirit Breath, that is due for Publication towards the end of October. A provisional description of the book is as follows:

This beautiful book of Christian mystical poetry expresses in detail our most intimate journey with Jesus. Weaving theology and scripture with life experience, these poems take the reality of our current circumstances and enables a deepened sense of connection with our God. Proclamations of worship, praise, love and thanksgiving fill these pages, allowing readers to elevate God through words of Biblically based, poetic truth. The author’s Celtic heritage has produced a quiet, contemplative style that will help you walk along the highway to holiness and to always set your face towards Him who is there is all circumstances.



It is our privilege to be working with Chris Park on publishing his book, which represents extensive research to answer the question which was chosen as the book title: God – Real or Imagined? The book cover was to represent a notion of God, whilst trying to reflect some raw human reasoning and philosophy to the question of whether God actually exists. Read more