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Their Blood Still Cries Out – November Book Release

We have just completed the front cover for a forthcoming book, Their Blood Still Cries Out, by Ken Hepworth. Ken has spent many years of his Christian life learning the effects of curses on the land we live in and how we can be released from them.

Their Blood Still Cries Out - Ken Hepworth
Their Blood Still Cries Out – Ken Hepworth

The manifestation of these curses can seriously hinder the work of the Church if the spiritual roots of the problem are not dealt with. Ken’s earlier book, Reclaiming the Land, looks at this. In this, his new title, Ken goes into  detail of how anti-Semitism, in particular, has brought with it a spiritual consequence for today’s Christian church. Ken argues the point that the Church has much to answer for its lukewarm attitude to the everlasting promises and prophecies of God towards the Jews and Israel.

Out of this indifference and political justification, the Church has historically been at the front of some of the worst Jewish atrocities in their long history. Through this book, Ken aims to inform the Church about the irrevocable call the Jewish people have in being reconciled to God, but moreover, explains how Christian’s play a vital role in God’s plans in paving the way for this to happen. Drawing on his extensive experience in spiritual warfare, Ken shares his insights into bringing fresh cleansing into lands where anti-Semitism has been a curse, opening the spiritual doors to freedom for Jews and Gentiles.

Available November 2013


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