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When Self-Publishing Works

When Self-Publishing Works

As well as providing our self-publishing services with full distribution and print services, Zaccmedia strives to service the author and the reader with a professionally thought through book. It is thought through, rather than just produced, because every project and every author is different. The Mizpah Ring presentation on this page is just one demonstration of how a book is shaped through the process of a carefully produced publishing package. To make self-publishing successful it is vital to make the book the best communication device possible, whether paper or digital. See the below image to read more.

self-publishing presentation

Each author presents their manuscript in their own way. Sometimes it is not just what is written that is important to them, but how their words are presented. For some, the attention may just be on the words themselves. A style of writing can create an “atmosphere” which determines what style of typeface is required and how that might or might not be embellished. Minimalist text may benefit from deeper leading (the space between lines), or if it is poetry, a serif font that has more tails to the lettering. Carefully chosen glyphs can be added to provide that welcoming embrace to the start of a new poem.

Opening a book is an experience, and usually an unconscious one for the reader. Yet if carefully implemented, the reader will better enjoy a book appropriately produced than one that is not. Book production is important. It can never be purely a utilitarian exercise. We cannot and don’t want to fit every manuscript into the same template.

For this reason, Zaccmedia tailors each book to its own personality so it can be appropriately presented. It’s partly what makes Zaccmedia’s self-publishing process different. It’s a tailored service that strives to give the reader a positive experience.

Molten Manuscript
The manuscript is the raw melting pot of the author’s writing process

Inconsistent line spacing, poorly executed grammar, repetitions, random heading hierarchies, accidental copyright breaches, blank source references are just the tip of the iceberg on common errors authors make in their writing when submitting a “finished” manuscript. But that’s okay, because the manuscript is the raw melting pot of the author’s writing process. Those molten words are then poured into a shaped mould, which we call a book. The shape of that mould is determined by the publisher working with the author. As well as words, the entire structure of how the author has made an MS Word document can inadvertently undermine the quality of writing presented, unless there is a professional backstop to pre-empt problems.

Before any editing starts, the MS Word document is checked to make sure there are no technical hiccups with the file itself and that the book is even editable. Advice is given as to how to clean up the Word document so that the editor isn’t confused during the process. For instance, is that an accidental line break or an intended section break? An editor cannot always know, and identifying such ambiguities can sometimes lead to bigger issues – for instance, the unintended line break may be there because the author forgot to insert the tricky bridge of words needed to flow to the next section. So, we try to draw suspicious issues to the surface as part of our service.

When it comes to words, part of the mould shape is determined by an editor. Any publishing process that does not involve an editor is compromised. Our most popular publishing packages include an extremely competitively priced general editing service that aims to remove embarrassing errors, or even legal issues based on copyright infringements. We don’t guarantee to protect you from infringement, as copyright of the manuscript is the author’s responsibility, but we try to shine a light on the possibility should we see an issue. More often, editing is not just about the subtle errors that our experienced editors are expert in picking up on, but also on checking formatting. Tip… never underline unless absolutely necessary. It’s almost considered a sin in the world of publishing. (See what I did there? Underlining isn’t necessary, let the words speak for themselves.)

Publishing a book is more than just putting a raw manuscript through a conveyer belt service. It’s personal, it’s individual and requires bespoke execution of both the technical and creative publishing process. Zaccmedia strives to provide that service.

If you would like to publish with Zaccmedia, click here for more details about our packages.

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