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You are not a mistake

None of us are a mistake. And we didn’t just come into existence to feed and clothe ourselves, and build our houses and go to the church, and that be it. There is a much bigger reason as to why we get up in the morning. I discovered there was more, that I could be a voice, not an echo. Let me explain.

My story begins with me trying to do the right things in life, with no real awareness of a creative God, let alone there being a plan and a purpose for my life. It was hard enough living in a home of poverty, and physical and emotional abuse each day. Trauma and pain were the order of the day. Surviving was a normal way to live.

The thought that was always there was – ‘There must be something more’.

Belonging to a lively church with all the trimmings was just like Christmas to me. But it did seem that God was the God of yesterday, a historical God. That was, until I got exposed to a church that the Holy Spirit visited for 5 years – 2000 people a year became Christians. The deaf would hear, cancer would go, and impossible situations became transformed in front of me. This was experiencing the living Jesus Christ being manifested in our midst ‘now’, today. It was like the New Testament coming alive.

The deaf would hear, cancer would go, and impossible situations became transformed in front of me.

Pat Regan

That was 35 years ago. I now live in the spontaneity and unpredictability of the Holy Spirit, which is quite scary but exciting. Life has now become an adventure. An example of this is when I attended a C of E Sunday morning service. A lovely lady said to me, ‘will you pray as I haven’t any joy in my life?’ While praying the Holy Spirit came and a blood curdling scream came out of her. At the same time her body started twisting around. Then she managed to fall and bite my leg. I could have screamed as well.

The response was amazing. People suddenly bolted out of the building. Some even hid in the kitchen. It appeared chaos was reigning. Calmly I said out loud, ‘It’s ok, Jesus has come to church today’.

This type of thing has happened in bus stations, in coffee shops, even in the high street. You just never know when God is going to show up and demonstrate His power. Isn’t this supposed to be normal? Christianity that goes beyond just passing on information and filling people’s brains up.

Living life with the Living Christ is open to us all. In my book I share my struggles and my failures as I learned to hear God’s voice and obey Him. I also give insights into the spiritual realm and the lessons I learnt in the wilderness experience.

The death of my son who lived 2 days caused such brokenness, yet this crisis turned out to be the defining moment that would change me forever.

The truth contained in this book is timeless, as well as being prophetic in nature. It will equip you to be a voice, not an echo – someone who is real. Then you can enjoy the uniqueness of being yourself as you carry more than information to people and become the message to our world.

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