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Z-LAUNCH – Our Author Book Marketing Suite

z-launch-50px-logoZ-LAUNCH is Zaccmedia’s enhanced author book marketing suite, to compliment our inclusive Publishing Package marketing service. So what does Z-LAUNCH have to offer? It is increasingly difficult in a saturated marketplace flooded with books to get a new book seen by anyone, let alone bought. We need to get active if we are to see the purpose of a book realised – that is, to find readers for it! Marketing is the most underestimated or ignored part of the publishing process. After investing in the publishing of your book it is vital authors take steps to promote it. This statement is equally true for both self-publishers and those who have recognised author names that are published with the big publishing companies. This is where author book marketing is so vital, and is where Z-LAUNCH can help.

Before discussing paid methods of marketing (Z-LAUNCH is a paid service), let’s first review some free options. There are actually many free methods an author can use to try to motivate sales.  What is required is time, energy and perseverance. There are methods that focus on traditional word of mouth through your own personal networks and contact list, using email or existing speaking platforms. For the computer literate, there is social media. Whilst this method of promotion seems straightforward, it is often misunderstood. Nevertheless, tweeting about your book to a following or posting to your Facebook timeline are obvious ways of reaching people. Asking your friends to retweet or share to their timeline is also critical to get the message outside your own limited circle of friends/followers.

z-launch-large-logoMarketing as already included as part of our packages supplies genre targeted online marketing to thousands of people that are considered interested in your subject matter.This is helpful in kickstarting interest. We also supply authors as standard an advertising graphic, which can be used in email and social media campaigns. Our existing online marketing will put your book and message in front of people you would likely otherwise never know how to reach. Z-Launch will help take this even further.

Introducing Z-LAUNCH
Z-LAUNCH is Zaccmedia’s author book marketing suite designed exclusively for our authors. We have picked what we believe are some of the most cost effective methods of marketing your book outside your own limited networks. For up-to-date information about this service please visit our Z-LAUNCH page here.

If you are not a Zaccmedia author but are interested in publishing with us then do please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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