Zaccmedia provides self-publishing book production services and professional video & photography for a range of business and personal applications. Based in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

Book Publishing

Book Publishing

We provide traditional and digital book publishing services to both commercial publishing houses and individual authors seeking to self-publish. The needs of self-publishers and commercial publishers are different, so please review the different sections of this website which are relevant to you.

Self/Bridge Publishing Services

As traditional publishing models phase out, new authors are more empowered than ever to take control of their own book publishing ambitions. Today it is possible with modern technology to make your traditional hard copy book available to 30,000 retail outlets, including Amazon, and covering trade markets in the UK, USA and Australia. All this, without needing a warehouse or huge storage space to keep your books (though we provide that as a “premium” service too).

Print-on-demand is the future of book publishing, and you can order as many hard or paperback books as you want, whenever you want, to deliver wherever you want. Zaccmedia offers a full book publishing and distribution service package, including editing, interior page design, cover design, printing and fulfilment, eBook conversions and full distribution.

Publishing Cost Calculator

Don’t want our all inclusive “publishing package”? Some self-publishing authors prefer more flexibility, so we offer some of our core book production services on a “Pick n’ Mix” basis. Use our cost calculator to get an estimate on what it would cost to produce publishing files for your project. This is intended for authors that prefer to use their own printers, distributors and provide their own methods of selling and promoting their titles.

Pick n’ Mix Services

If you are new to Publishing, or want to know more detail about Zaccmedia’s approach to Self-Publishing, you can visit our Self/Bridge Publishing & Distribution Page.

What is Bridge Publishing?

If high volume selling using traditional offset printing is your prerequisite, and you are ready to invest in a 1000 or more books, then apply for our exclusive premium UK only publishing & distribution service. This service offers a comprehensive distribution service and inventory storage and management of physical books.

UK Premium Distribution


Professional Publishing House Services

We cater to professional companies who need to outsource work, or take on overflow publishing projects from raw manuscript to final, polished delivery. Paul provides consultancy to those who want to take their eBook or eReading App developments a step further, as part of the transition to multimedia digital publishing.

Professional Trade Services

Publishing Consultation
As a former commercial Christian book publisher, Paul is respected in this particular niche market for recognising manuscripts suitable for publishing with the larger commercial publishing houses that will drive you income via their large distribution networks and marketing budgets.

If you are a Christian author and would like Paul to consider representing your work directly to the publishers, please contact him. Note: This service only applies to books suitable for the UK Christian book publishing market. Whilst there is a standing charge of £60.00 for detailed feedback, please first contact Paul and in some instances will be happy to offer free advice depending on the query.

Zaccmedia’s publishing package includes one-on-one consultation with Paul for advice on the publication of the book from start to finish.

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Digital Publishing 
We are past the initial dawn of digital publishing, and eBooks are now firmly established as a popular method of purchasing and reading books (between 15-20% of all books purchased are eBooks). Zaccmedia provides an eBook conversion service and distribution network to all the major eBook retailing platforms. If you are interested in creating eBooks and want to know more about how to sell to these platforms then you are in the right place.

eBook Conversions