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Zaccmedia self-publishing package

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For Zaccmedia distribution packages we only produce books with a black & white interior and colour cover* (*See note in yellow box, at the bottom of this page).

When considering paper type and weight you have the choice of Creme (85gsm / 55lb) or White (75gsm / 50lb paper). Creme is restricted to the following page sizes:

203 x 127mm, 216 x 140mm, 210 x 148mm, 229 x 152mm, 203 x 133mm, 234 x 156mm

For more information about available page formats please see “Standard Typesetting” on this page.

Your paperback cover is available in either a gloss or matt laminate. You will be asked to choose which you prefer.

We endeavour to produce a quality cover produced from a single design brief supplied by the author.See the following steps:

Together with a design brief, the author is to supply all the text required for the front, back and spine of the book. Consider the following:

Front Cover

  • Main title
  • Subtitle
  • Short promotional endorsement
  • Author name or pseudonym (“written by” or “by” is usually avoided. Including simply the author name is recommended.

Back Cover

  • Supply text that provides the potential buyer a snappy, attractive overview of what the book is about, which will help sell the book. This is your main tool for attracting buyers. This text will be used across all platforms on the internet as the description of what the book is. It is vital you make this as clear and informative as possible, with clean, error free use of English.
  • About the author. If you would like to include information about yourself, please supply this text. You may also want to include a portrait photograph of yourself. Any imagery should be supplied to us with the design brief.
  • If you have a website address, think about including this information on the back cover too, to enhance visibility of your personal brand.
  • A Zaccmedia ISBN barcode will be placed on the back of the book.


  • We automatically add the book title, author and Zaccmedia logo on the spine. Please advise if you wish to change this. Note: The book must be at least 80 pages thick to enable text to be placed on the spine.

We will produce two different designs from the supplied brief. It is essential the brief is as clear as possible, and within reasonable limits of the design being based on using stock image library photographs and illustrations, together with attractive typefaces. Custom drawing, photography and hand illustration is not part of this package. If this is required please contact us. You may have your own graphic or photograph you would like to use for the cover. This should be supplied as a 300dpi digital file at the size of the book format chosen.

The author may select the preferred design from the two options and has one round of amendments to the cover that is included in the price. This round of amends may, for example, be a request for a different font for the title, or to change the main image. It is also a final opportunity to change the Title or Subtitle.

A final design is presented to the author. Any further design work requested is charged at £30 per hour, with a minimum hour’s work.

Standard Typesetting (interior page design)

Page Count (known in the trade as “Extent”)
The minimum page count possible for this package is 18 pages and the maximum is 600 pages or 180,000 words. If your word count is above this, please add £1.50 per additional 300 words. If paying for additional pages, then the maximum a book can handle in printing is 1050 pages. A page can be defined as being one side of a leaf of paper in the book. A leaf of paper has two sides, which makes up two pages.

A mandatory requirement by our printer is to reserve two pages at the back of the book for technical printer information. If your book is produced with 80 pages, the final page count will be 82, once the printer pages are included at the very end of the book. For other technical reasons, the final page count must be divisible by 2.

Typesetting alterations after marking up first PDF proofs

After you have submitted your manuscript it will be sent for typesetting. It is critical that your manuscript is as clean, checked and proofed as well as possible, because the scope for changes following the typesetting stage are restricted. Once the manuscript is typeset, you will receive a set of PDF page proofs to check that all your content is there, correctly laid out and in the format requested. It is also an opportunity to check any last minute minor errors.

With the cost of typesetting we include 20% additional time (above what it took to typeset the book) for corrections, so if it’s a 240 page book this gives us roughly two hours work for corrections included in the package price. We find this amount of time is sufficient to make the average amount of corrections. However, if the author wants to make quite expansive corrections that go beyond the 20% of total time to originally set the book, then the author will be advised of additional labour costs. Where a manuscript has been professionally proofread before typesetting, the amends are usually minimal and more often than not, fit within the 20% additional time.

In this example, estimated for a 240pp book, for every hour beyond the first two hours of corrections, we charge £30.00 per hour. For this reason, it is critical your manuscript is as clean as possible from errors when submitting it for typesetting. It is unreasonable to request expansive adjustments following first proofs that can escalate in time and costs that are beyond the budgets set out in these packages.

Following receipt of the first set of proofs, any subsequent rewrites of paragraphs or long sentences, wide scale manual repetitious changes, or re-setting the book completely from scratch, means additional costs, which will be quoted upon request.

The final proofing is intended to spot small grammatical and spelling errors, and not for wide scale editorial adjustment.

Submitting first proof amendments

Proof amends can be supplied either using the review tool in Adobe Acrobat Professional, or listed in Microsoft Word or .txt file in the following structure as a way of referencing your amends:

• PDF page no.
• Which Paragraph. (1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th?)
• Which line in the paragraph (1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th?)

So, as a fictional example, you would present two amends like the following:

Page 1, 3rd para, 4th line
Amend slipery to slippery.

Page 10, 2rd para, 1st line
Add full stop at end of the sentence, so it reads: The cow jumped over the moon.

[icon icon=”0072.png”][/icon]Hard Copy Printed Page Proofs: If you prefer printed page proofs to mark page errors up by hand, these are available at a cost of £0.05p per page plus postage.

Images & Illustrations
For black & white interiors, you can supply as part of your package up to twenty photographs or illustrations, which should be of sufficient resolution and clarity to be suitable for reproduction. These will be reproduced in grey scale. For professional quality, please supply images at a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) at the size you wish it to appear in the book. The minimum we can accept is 150dpi, which can interpolate up to 300dpi. But this isn’t the same quality as submitting at 300dpi, especially if the 150dpi version was poor quality originally. If you have any concerns, we can advise you during the process. Please contact us if you need to specifically work with colour images and illustrations.

We are able to produce a variety of book sizes suited to your preference.

Common Trade Formats Available

5 x 7″ (178 x 127mm)
5 x 8″ (203 x 127mm) Perfect Bound
5.25 x 8″ (203 x 133mm)
5.5 x 8.5″ (216 x 140mm) DEMI Perfect Bound
6.14 x 9.21″ (234 x 156mm) ROYAL perfect Bound
6 x 9″(229 x 152 mm)

All Paperback, Perfect Bound Formats Available (with b&w interiors)

5 x 7″ (178 x 127mm)
5 x 8″ (203 x 127 mm)
5.25 x 8″ (203 x 133 mm)
5.5 x 8.5″ (216 x 140 mm) DEMI
5.83 x 8.27″ (210 x 148 mm) – A5 FORMAT
6 x 9″(229 x 152 mm)
6.14 x 9.21″ (234 x 156 mm) ROYAL
7 x 10″ (254 x 178 mm)
8 x 10″ (254 x 203 mm)
8.25 x 11″ (280 x 210 mm)
8.5 x 11″ (280 x 216 mm)
8.268 x 11.693″ (297 x 210 mm) – A4 FORMAT

Hardback formats (currently not available on our packages – contact us if you want it)
5.5 x 8.5″ (216 x 140mm)
6 x 9″ (229 x 152mm)
6.14 x 9.21″ (234 x 156mm)
7 x 10″ (254 x 178mm)
8.5 x 11″ (280 x 216mm)

A Note About Colour Books
At present, the price of printing and distributing colour books via our print-on-demand model is prohibitive for making realistic sales through commercial channels. We can produce trade standard colour books, but they are not part of our distribution package. The same applies to any colour inserts you may want inside an otherwise black & white book. We cannot include colour inserts with our distribution package. If you would like colour books please contact us with your requirements, and we will happily review your project.

Zaccmedia ISBN
Every book that is intended for trade distribution must have an ISBN (International Book Standard Number). An ISBN is used by distribution channels to uniquely identify every edition of any book that has been produced, and to serve as a single point of reference. Very often books can have the same title, and even the same author. An ISBN identifies exactly which book it is and provides database references to who the publisher and distributor is for that book. Bookshops also use the ISBN and barcode for their own ordering and inventory management.

A Zaccmedia ISBN, rather than your own, is necessary because we will be the company where all orders are sourced under our distribution and printing account, which is with Ingram and their subsidiary print-on-demand printing service, Lightning Source. Usually it is viewed that the ISBN holder is the publisher of the book. Whilst what we offer provides the flexibility associated with self-publishing, it is necessary to have our ISBN if to sell your book through Ingrams on our Lightning Source printing and distribution account.

If you want a true self-publishing experience, and go it completely alone, you may want to review our module services instead. What we offer is a complete solution, taking the difficulty and time out of the process.

Ingrams Distribution to Retailers Worldwide
With the advent of digital technologies in printing, it is now increasingly popular to use print-on-demand methods of producing books. The books are of a very high quality, and to most people, probably indistinguishable to books traditionally printed offset. Ingram have their own printing facility called Lightning Source, and together with many companies like Zaccmedia, we use their outstanding print services. Ingram are, however, principally a worldwide book distributor – one of the largest in the world. They have Lightning Source print stations in the USA, UK and Australia, making it possible for individuals and retailers to order books with domestic postage from any of these countries.

Zaccmedia sets up your book for printing and distribution through Ingram and Lightning Source, giving your book potential access to 30,000 retailers around the world. It is important for you to know that Zaccmedia doesn’t market or promote your book, nor does it place your book in shops. What we do provide, through Ingrams, is the channel to get your book into the shops should there be a demand for it. But it is up to the author to engage in promotional activity to create that demand. This isn’t easy, and is by far the most challenging and money making aspect of publishing. Which is why it is so vital to weigh up your potential sales to see if you will cover your publishing costs with Zaccmedia, or any other self-publishing house. Just because your book is available, it doesn’t mean a shop or person will buy it. Out of the thousands of books produced each month, you need a way to promote yours. Our Advanced Distribution Package includes a Press Release and PRWeb Advanced Package to help with that. But there is no single solution to generating sales.

Amazon Placement
As part of the distribution package, your paperback book will automatically be made available on and Amazon are powerful book sellers, and are the most popular destination for book buyers. Make sure your back cover text is effective, as this will appear on Amazon.

Royalty Sales
As a distribution package, the aim is to make your book available for sale through various retail outlets, including Amazon. When a book does sell, you are entitled to a royalty. The royalty commission you receive is 60% net receipts from any book sold through our retail channels. What does net receipts mean? This is a standard royalty system in publishing. This is how it works:

Example: (the retail figures here are purely for illustration. Each book will have a different selling and production cost)

A book has a recommended retail price of £9.99 with a page length of 160pp, and 5.5×8.5″ format.

Via our distribution channel, we usually give 40% wholesale discount to those retailers who want to buy the book for stocking in their shops or online facility.
So, £9.99 less 40% discount = £5.99 (retailer gets £3.99 discount)
We then deduct the unit printing cost from the £5.99
Printing cost for one 5.5×8.5″ book with 160pp is £0.70 + £1.60 = £2.30
£5.99 – £2.30 = £3.69
60% author commission from £3.69 = £2.21
Zaccmedia commission is the remainder = £1.48

Ebook Sales Royalty
The same royalty model applies to eBook sales, but please note that as well as a retailer discount there is also a technology fee from the eBook distribution company. This technology fee replaces the printing cost, which of course isn’t necessary for eBook sales.

The royalty price is structured so that the author will always make more income from a book than Zaccmedia. We receive our commission for dealing with the administration, order and ongoing management of the books under our service agreement. It also in part subsidises our reasonable service costs.

10 Complimentary Author Copies
Following the completion of publication you are entitled to receive free of charge 10 finalised copies of your book, which you may sell, give to friends and family, or use for promotional purposes.

10 image or Text Treatments Insertions
As part of the interior design, you may have a number of photographs, illustrations or particularly complex tables or designs, which you want to include in your book. As part of the package, you may have up to ten such insertions/treatments. If you would like to include more, then we charge £5 per item to be added. All images will be in greyscale.

British Library Legal Deposit
It is a UK legal requirement to deposit up to 5 books in the British Library Legal Deposit. Zaccmedia will do this as part of the package.

One-to-One Personal Service
Publishing looks easy, but like most things, it usually becomes more complicated the deeper you get involved with it. Not everybody has time to work out the detail. Whilst Zaccmedia will do all the heavy lifting, there will still be choices you need to make that we cannot answer for you. But fear not. We will be available to walk you step by step through the production process and advise you on each choice you need to make that isn’t clear to you. We want to help you make the best choice that suits you, so that you are fully satisfied with the service Zaccmedia provides. We won’t push you to buy more expensive add ons, or pressurise you with sales talk. We will evaluate your needs, and advise the most cost effective way forward balanced with a quality result.

Non-Exclusive Contract
Our contracts are Non-Exclusive.
For our distribution packages, our contract is for one year. Your book must remain in our distribution plan for that duration. Following one year from the date of contract, you are free to have the book removed from Zaccmedia, if you so wish. Zaccmedia reserves the right, following one year, to remove the book from our distribution facility at anytime.

The contract is non-exclusive, meaning you can publish your manuscript with someone else anytime. The only caveat is that you are not permitted to use elsewhere the print ready files we have produced. After one year, you can request to keep the files and use them elsewhere. But to do this you need to take into account the following:

You can only take control of the print ready files if you cancel our distribution arrangement.

There is a £200 fee to convert and release either/both eBook and print files. The print ready files require a conversion process before being delivered to the author. The files contain our barcode, logo and information on the inside pages and cover. The files will be adjusted for the print version and eBook version (if applicable), removing Zaccmedia details, and if required, replacing like-for-like your own details.

No conditions are held on the edited manuscript in MS Word. This belongs to you at all times.

Fast Digital Printing
We use Lightning Source to manage our printing and is the world’s leading print-on-demand company.

Author Purchase Discounts
You can purchase books for your own personal use, distribution and sale. We offer generous terms on the purchase of your books, selling them to you at print cost price plus 25% of the retail price.

For example:
A book has a recommended retail price of £9.99 with a page length of 160pp, and 5.5×8.5″ format.

The basic Print Cost our printer charges on 160 pages will be £2.30.
25% of £9.99 (RRP) comes to £2.49.
So the price to you is the Print Cost of £2.30 + 25% of RRP, which is £2.49 = £4.79 (price to you)

The formula for calculating print costs on different page extents can be found here.

Each order has a handling fee, which is currently £1.25 per order, plus shipping. Shipping becomes more economical the more books you order. There is no minimum or maximum order. But bear in mind that shipping only a few books is expensive. We don’t control shipping rates, as all books are shipped directly from the printer.

3D Promotional Web Graphics
We know that promotion of the book after publication is vital to generate sales. We therefore provide some useful 3D renditions of your book which you can include in your emails, website and blog. See graphic opposite as an example.

We also supply a simple but effective advertising graphic, similar to the sample below, to give you a starter tool to get some online promotions going. You can link these to either where the book is featured on Amazon, or to your own website.

Advance Information Sheet
Every book created for the professional trade has a simple A4 information sheet that features all the relevant details about the book. This usually includes a thumbnail cover image, ISBN, RRP, format, page extent, author name and brief bio, date of publication, endorsements (if any) and a description of the book.

eBook conversions (ePub & Kindle)
If you have taken a package that includes eBook conversion, we will convert your manuscript into the two standard commercial digital formats: ePub and Kindle format. These formats are used by all the leading eBook retailers. We do not supply PDF version eBooks, because they are not suited for portable ereading devices due to their fixed dimensions. EPub and Kindle eBooks enable you to enlarge the text, and flow it onto a single page without zooming, making it perfect for smartphones, iPads, Kindle readers, Kobo and Sony readers.

To learn more about eBooks, click here.

eBook distribution to all major platforms
Our eBooks are distributed to the worlds most popular eBook selling platforms. If people want your eBook, they will have no problem getting it, no matter what device they prefer to read them on. Zaccmedia partners with the largest and fastest growing distribution network for eBooks, providing us with access to over 1,000 retail channels. This includes Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barns & Noble, WhSmith, Indigo, Libris, Bookworld, Anobii (Sainsbury’s),, Fishpond, Mobcast (Tesco), Overdrive and Gardners.

We adjust our marketing suite based on the type of book being published so please contact us directly for specific marketing information related to your genre of book. We include special launch period focussed internet marketing to reach thousands of RELEVANT people otherwise impossible to reach, and use email marketing to certain parts of the book trade.

Get an estimate cost. Click here to take the first step towards Self-Publishing!

Further Information

Setting the Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
An important part of selling your book and your agreement with Zaccmedia is the setting of your book’s retail price. Your commission and purchase cost is based around the retail price, of which we set a minimum. For example, a book with a number of pages between 224pp and 288pp has a minimum retail price of £12.99, and a book with a number of pages between 320 and 384 has a minimum retail price of £13.99. You may choose to want to increase the RRP. Please review the following information, which will help you determine the best retail price for your book, and the pros and cons of higher or lower retail prices. If it appears too complicated, you can always go with Zaccmedia’s recommendation, which is 40% discount plus the minimum retail price possible.

Retail Sales & Commission

Zaccmedia uses Ingram to supply your book to the retail book trade. Almost any retailer will be able to search for your book (as an ISBN, title or author name) via their database, and be able to order it. As a rule, retailers won’t stock and shelve your book, unless there is a massive demand for it – the most likely scenario is that a customer will visit the shop or online retailer and request the book as a result of your own marketing or an online search based on a keyword that fits your title/metadata. The retailer will respond to a customers request by checking the ISBN, which will display Ingrams as the distributor.

The retailer will want to check what wholesale discount they will receive on purchasing the book, and what postage they must pay to order the book in. This will then determine their own operating margin and whether they can actually afford to buy the book in for their customer.

Ingram recommend offering retailers a wholesale discount of 55% off the Retail Price, which would result in the majority of retailers ordering the book if requested by a customer. It would cover their required profit margin and postage cost.

Author Commission Example (*costings subject to change):

A book of 336 pages, 6×9″ format, white paper, perfect bound paperback book.

The print/cost price of a book this length is £0.70p + £0.01p per page
Therefore, a 336pp book costs £0.70p + £3.36 = £4.06
Print Cost = £4.06

If the set retail price is £13.99, and the book is sold at 55% discount to a retailer, Zaccmedia receives £2.24, out of which is given a 60% net commission to the author, meaning the author receives £1.34 per book, leaving Zaccmedia with the remaining 40% (£0.90) for their services, administration and profit.

With Zaccmedia, we give the author at the time of contract the opportunity to choose their own Retail Price (according to minimum price specified above) and their own trade discount (minimum of 25%, maximum of 55%). Here are some options to consider:

  1. Raise your retail price. The advantage of this is you will increase your earnings per book and be financially attractive to retailers who might receive your book orders. The disadvantage of this is that you might overprice your book putting off buyers. This model can work if you have a captive audience and a niche piece of information that people will buy at such higher prices. Base your retail price on what is comfortable for you to sell it at, or what you think people will pay. A further disadvantage is that you increase the cost of buying author copies.
  2. Reduce your wholesale discount. Whilst many retailers may expect 55% discount to help cover their margins and postage, some bricks & mortar retailers may not want to turn their customers away, and may order at break even prices or small margins. You may find retail shops accepting 40% wholesale discount.
  3. Use the minimum wholesale discount of 25%. The minimum discount you can set is 25%. This will close you off to any purchases by retailers, with one major exception: Amazon. Amazon will automatically stock the book even at a minimum wholesale discount of 25%. If you are happy to just have Amazon represent your book online to the public, and be your chief source of availability, then this is an excellent option! Highly recommended, if you think shops won’t take your books, or you don’t like the high discounts they require. Please be aware that if you select 55% commission, then Amazon will take 55%. There is no option in the distribution system to offer dual trade discounts. If your book has a high page extent (500-700) and gets expensive to print, you may want to use this minimum 25% discount option as a way to keep the retail price as low as possible.
  4. Raise the retail price and reduce wholesale discount. This will give you the largest returns, but you will most likely out price both retailer and end consumer.
  5. To give the book maximum availability, use our minimum retail price and our maximum discount of 55%. The advantages of this are that both customers and retailers will appreciate the reasonable purchase cost, both at full retail and trade prices. The disadvantage to you, the author, is that your royalty return will be modest, because once print cost (especially on high page count books) and high discounts have been deducted from a small retail price, the margin for profit is reduced.

Self-Publishing Cost Calculator
Calculate your Self-Publisher Distribution Package price for the services listed on this page.

We produce bespoke book production services of many kinds, offering full colour books and different formats. If you would like a book produced that is not limited by the choices you have in the package details outlined on this page, try our Professional Publishing Trade Services.