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Editing is an essential service provided in our full publishing package, but is optional for our self-publish package.

Editing is fundamental to producing a trade standard professional book suitable for selling into retail or if wanting to convey authority on the subject being written.

Even the most accomplished authors rely upon publisher’s editors to finalise and polish their works.
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Why you should never ignore the need for editing your manuscript

Quite often, the most basic mistakes are missed by authors. Fresh editing eyes spot the mistakes that are otherwise easily missed, and can reveal issues such as inconsistency, poor tone, lack of referencing for copyright purposes, sentence structure and more. If your project is aimed for commercial purposes, our editing services are highly recommended to produce a professional book. However, if your book is aimed at a small circle of friends and family or are publishing for fun, you may want to consider avoiding the expense. Instead, you can just make sure your manuscript is as error free as possible.

Further information

We aim to complete either a Proof or Copy Edit within 2-6 weeks, depending upon our workload at the time of receiving the manuscript. It can occasionally be sooner. If, because of the book’s genre, we need to assign a particular editor to your project, it is often worth waiting for that editor’s availability, due to their specialist experience. This may lengthen the editing time.

Editing is the most expensive part of the publishing process because it requires many hours of not only reading through and understanding the manuscript but working through the many corrections along the way. These corrections are done by experienced professionals with an eye for seeing and understanding all the typical flaws that exist within a piece of writing. The cost of professional editing can never be done cheaply because this service is time intensive and can never be automated. Spell checkers, as you may have discovered, have their uses but are extremely limited and often just wrong. Editing is far more than spelling & grammar checking, involving attention to sentence structure, consistency, flow and sometimes fact and reference checking.

Proof Editing:
This form of editing helps you discover those easily missed errors that spellcheckers and friends may not pick up on. Our proof editors will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and ensure consistent application of grammar (e.g. use of single and double quotation marks, capitalisation, etc). There will also be suggestions if the editor notices basic issues in use of syntax. All changes to the manuscript will be tracked in Microsoft Word, so that these can be followed by you the author and approved for the final proof edited version.

If you want a deeper editing service, please see Copy Editing below.

Copy Editing:
We have two levels of copy editing that is reviewed by Zaccmedia based on the complexity and quality of the submitted manuscript: heavy or standard. Zaccmedia will evaluate your manuscript and advise you which level it is prior to starting the project.

Our Copy Editing service adds further editorial enhancement through deeper sentence restructuring where necessary and checking for consistency not only in grammar, but in storyline, plot and information. There may also be instances where the editor will want to discuss with you clarification on details, that to the reader may not be defined adequately.

The editor will go through the manuscript thoroughly, enhancing the manuscript’s readability. This often means tweaking sentences. To ensure the author is fully happy with the changes, all changes are tracked and marked up in a Microsoft Word file. If the author would like to review the changes, this is possible, so long as the author is able to review the file on their own version of Microsoft Word. If any changes are unwanted, then these can be flagged up, and adjusted back to their original format or changed in a way advised by the author.

Copy & Proof Editing:
This form of editing is what is often used by the larger publishing houses that want to ensure the titles they produce are absolutely devoid of any editorial errors (though human error can creep in on even the most robust editorial process!). This requires an editor, or two different editors working through the manuscript twice, the first time as a Copy Edit (what may be termed as the “main wash”) and followed by the Proof Edit (the final polish). Of all the editing procedures, this is the most time consuming and therefore most expensive. To justify the costs, this service is only recommended for the highly ambitious author that has absolute confidence their book is commercially viable and has the networks in place to sell high volumes of the book.

If using our full Print & eBook Distribution Package, then editing is included as standard. It’s essential that books we sell to the trade are of “trade standard”, meaning professionally published.  If you are advanced in English and have had the work checked repeatedly by friends talented in English language and literature, then a proof edit is perhaps sufficient. For the majority, our recommendation is the Copy Edit. This will deal with the majority of fundamental mistakes both in grammar, punctuation, prose and syntax.

The minimum word content we generally work with is 10,000 words, unless it is poetry or children’s book. Contact us for information.