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This is the interior page layout and design of your book’s text and images. Our typesetting offers a similar standard of service you would expect from the big publishing houses, believing that published text should be presented beautifully. We want the pages we design to invite a reader inside, to keep turning the pages and to enjoy the experience of reading. Good typesetting is an art form only succeeded in once the principals of page setting are fully understood. Zaccmedia only uses experienced professionals in the art of typesetting to produce the perfect pages for you and your readers to enjoy.

Whether you use our package service or Pick n’ Mix service, we supply in the first instance sample designed pages created from your manuscript to show you how the book will be presented. There is opportunity to change the style and look if you prefer a different typeface, font size, heading style and so on.

Typesetting Costs

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Note of Warning: Editing of a book cannot be done at the typesetting stage. Repeat: Editing of a book cannot be done at the typesetting stage! A badly edited manuscript will highlight errors much more openly once it is cleanly laid out on the pages of a book. In our experience, when an author sees all the mistakes on typeset page proofs the impulse is to want to correct them all. However, a book is typeset on the assumption that ALL the editing has been completed at the manuscript stage. Our publishing package that is inclusive of editing makes sure that your manuscript is optimised for typesetting. If using our Pick n’ Mix service, then ensure your manuscript is fully prepared before typesetting. Please understand that to start correcting hundreds of changes at the typesetting stage is not acceptable. The number of changes are therefore limited on the following basis.

Limits of individual changes after initial typesetting:
There is a limit of 50 individual changes to a typeset document following the first delivery of page proofs (delivered as a PDF file). Individual changes can, for example, be defined as a formatting adjustment (changing something to bold or italics that wasn’t in the manuscript originally), a spelling error, a missing punctuation mark, a missing paragraph space, and a short sentence change.

Limits of bulk text changes after initial typesetting:
If your changes amount to more than 50 individual changes to a typeset document, or involves complete paragraph rewrites or longer sentence changes, this means the entire fixed structure of the pages may need to be re-set, meaning considerable extra time involved. In worst case scenarios, the book may need to be completely reset. Such extensive changes are also highly time consuming as they each need to be checked for accuracy after the adjustment. Typesetters are not editors.

Within the cost of typesetting we include 50 individual corrections. We find this this is more than sufficient to make the average amount of corrections. However, if the author wants to make expansive corrections that go beyond this fair limit, then the author will be advised of additional labour costs. Where a manuscript has been professionally proofread before typesetting, the amends are usually minimal and fit within the 50 individual correction limit.

Complex Full Colour Design Typesetting:
£30 per page

This price refers to very heavily art worked page design. For simpler page designs that require basic image placement, such as children’s books, captioned photographic coffee books and place guides, then this will be far cheaper. Please call to discuss your requirements, so we can quote you more precisely.

For family album purposes, it is recommended you use one of the popular book printers that offer exceptional mainstream prices. Our colour typesetting services are specialist, highly bespoke and are expensive, aimed for commercial trade and reselling.