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Z-LAUNCH – Zaccmedia’s marketing suite for authors

Authors need their books marketing, but it’s one of the most underestimated challenges for the self-publisher. How do you find an audience outside your own circle of friends, family and local personal network, to generate book sales and interest? Fortunately, our main publishing package includes a marketing suite to help our authors get the visibility they need to thousands of people interested in their subject. However, to give things an extra optional boost we have even more options. We have established ourselves as providing first class book production and publishing services to both self-publishers and commercial publishers alike. Now, we are pleased to introduce Z-LAUNCH, our attention grabbing marketing service, exclusive to Zaccmedia authors. “Z” stands for Zaccmedia.

Z-LAUNCH is designed to appeal to authors with commercial ambitions for their book sales and want to see it given the best exposure possible within a modest but effective budget. Like any marketing service, the results vary and can usually only be as good as the product. For this reason we can’t guarantee sales from this marketing investment. However, we will put your book in front of thousands of potential book buyers. There is no magic formula for creating sales, but we can slip the odds more in your favour.

Our marketing service is tweaked according to the genre of book so contact us directly to request more detailed information. Currently, we have a specialist Z-LAUNCH product for marketing titles that costs £300 above our package deals. It is completely optional and a great way to launch your newly published book. For existing Zaccmedia authors, we can still put you on Z-LAUNCH, as anything previously unseen could still be considered a new title.

If you are a new author then Z-LAUNCH will add another month to the publication time, meaning it could take 4 months to publish your book from the date of submission of manuscript. This is because marketing requires certain lengths of time to optimize a response and co-ordinate a books publication date with catalogue listings.

Since some publications are quarterly, you may find your listing doesn’t appear until three months after initial publication. Books need to be fully available on our distribution chain before they can be advertised.


1) I am not a Zaccmedia author, but can I use Z-LAUNCH?
This marketing suite is only available to Zaccmedia authors.

2) Do I see where my book is being marketed?
Yes, details of our marketing suite are given once you become a Zaccmedia author.

3) Why the cost?
The relevant publications and services we advertise through charge a fee for a book listing. You are also paying for the time taken to prepare and place this advertising. You are essentially buying an audience, hoping someone notices your book. Z-Launch is totally optional and aimed at authors wanting additional visibility.

4) Can I pay for just part of the marketing suite?
Yes, you can, if you prefer. You would need to contact us for the options available. However, Z-LAUNCH is designed to cover a number of opportunities to get as much exposure as possible within this limited budget.

5) I am tight for money, is it worth it?
This is a difficult question to answer. I would advise it is too much of a risk to invest capital into paid marketing if you are anxious about the costs and was unsure about your book’s wider appeal. I would instead gauge market interest in the book first, using free methods, to see whether you are onto something. However, if you are comfortable with spending on marketing and you think your book has potential, then Z-LAUNCH is an excellent starting point.

6) Will I see a jump in sales if I go with Z-LAUNCH?
Marketing of books is not an exact science and is a challenge when your competition is in the hundreds of thousands for a limited number of retailers and buyers. Nevertheless, there is a saying that unless you have bait in the water you will never catch a fish. Some land that elusive big fish. In contrast, there are plenty of people that have cast bait and rarely, if ever, caught a fish. The answer to the question is, you may see sales jump and you may not. As in fishing, it is not just down to the quality of bait, but where you cast the bait, your understanding of the waters. I don’t want to mix metaphors, but Z-LAUNCH is designed to use different bait in different parts of the water, meaning the intention is there to help increase the sales of a book.

7) Who will see this marketing?
Both booksellers and demographically targeted consumers will see your book. You will sometimes have just milliseconds for your book listing to catch the attention of a potential buyer browsing through, it is vital therefore that your title and subtitle communicates a message that isn’t vague.

8) Is this service suited only to new title releases?
It is always best to develop marketing both before a book launch and just after. In the reality of self-publishing it usually happens after.  It is recommended to take marketing out immediately upon publication, creating the loudest “noise” possible across various platforms of advertising. You could consider a new release title as one that has been in print for up to say 6 months. However, there is always scope to advertise “backlist” titles, i.e. titles that have been available to the trade for a longer period of time. However, a title over 6-months old probably isn’t suited as being listed as a “new” release in a trade magazine for instance.

8) How do I sign up?
Simply use Zaccmedia’s contact us form and tell us you are interested in Z-LAUNCH and we will take it from there. As mentioned, your book does need to be published by Zaccmedia to benefit from this service.

Any other questions, just contact us.