240% ink density conversion for book covers


Service Description

Lightning Source requires 240% ink density in CMYK for their book covers. This is often technically beyond the average person creating their own book covers. Zaccmedia provides a 240% ink density check and conversion for your images, making sure they pass Lightning Source’s strict conditions for approving covers for publication. Our conversion process requires the submitted image to be originated in the RGB colour space and NOT CMYK. If your cover was designed originally in CMYK, or converted to CMYK and back to RGB, then our service won’t work for you. But if you have an RGB originated image, we can reduce your ink density down to 240% without any significant loss in colour or blacks. Obviously, reductions in ink density does mean some loss of colour characteristics, with more limited colour range in CMYK than in RGB. So, do expect some subtle colour differences. Very dark shades of blue, for instance, can turn black, and other subtle very dark shades do not interpret well to CMYK with limited ink density.

Once payment is made, you will in due course be emailed requesting your image for conversion. You can send a JPEG, TIFF or PSD. Just make sure your image is exactly how you want it for print, as this payment covers just one pass through our conversion process. If you subsequently adjust the image, this will affect your ink density again, and you will need to purchase another conversion.

PSD or TIFF files with layers will only be returned flattened.

If you are unsure, just contact us and we can review your image.

Additional Information


Conversion of an RGB image to a CMYK image with final 240% ink density, supplied back in same file format as submitted, but flattened.


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