A Community of Love


Book Description

This book describes something of what the Bible tells us about the Church being God’s family and how He sees it. It covers topics such as the Priesthood of all believers, the Body of Christ, the door of worship, the house of prayer, washing one another’s feet, the bond of peace, the structure of leadership, shepherding the flock, the value of vision and the importance of discipleship. It has been written for both those who have been Christians for a long time, as well as those who have recently found faith as it is designed to underpin whatever understanding those reading it have of the Church.

Book Information


Jan Taylor



Publication Date

May 2019


5.5×8.5" (216x140mm)




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Jan became a Christian in 1986 and has had a wide experience of church life, although the majority of it has been spent in Pentecostal circles. Since becoming a Christian she has served God in a variety of roles including leadership. God opened the door for Jan to go to Mattersey Hall and she graduated from there in 1998 with a second class honours degree in Biblical Theology and a Diploma in Christian Ministry. Since that time her health has been poor, and although in recent years God has begun a process of healing, Jan is not yet able to work but is longing to serve God in whatever way she can can, hence this book.

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