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Author’s royalty proceeds will be donated to RABI from the sale of this book. This is the illustrated autobiography of Geoff Tomlinson. Highly regarded in the agricultural community, Geoff has been advising farmers as a rural solicitor for the last 36-years. This book has been written to mark his retirement in March 2014 and retells with humour many anecdotes. The book will contain a wealth of images and line drawing illustrations that will make this a popular purchase, especially for those in the farming world.

“Geoff is one of the best known Rural solicitors. He has the uncanny ability to make clients immediately feel at ease with his infectious personality, professionalism and knowledge, but above all, his ability to relay an amusing story or two, some of which are hopefully included in this book. He is a true gent in every sense, who will be missed in his profession by colleagues, clients and contacts.”
Richard Furnival Partner, Armistead Barnett Chartered Surveyors and Auctioneers, Garstang

“Geoff’s true passion for the rural community has always set him apart. Following expert resolution of legal matters, we would often seamlessly move on to the hot sporting topic of the moment, be it rugby, cricket or golf. Both satisfied client and myself were always well entertained! Geoff’s retirement means the loss of a great servant to the rural community. At least with this book we can still share in his famous tales.”
Mark Pearson Senior Agricultural Relationship Manager, Natwest, Lancaster

“As a rural solicitor who has stayed grounded to the benefit of his clients, Geoff is a man who has seen most, if not all of life and certainly has an anecdote for every occasion. He has influenced many faming families during his career and ensured that they have been well advised on each occasion.”
Robert Sheasby NFU North West Director

“In these changing times for the professions, it is hard to believe we will witness his like again for some considerable time; an outstanding ‘farming’ lawyer with the personal qualities of Geoff appearing only once in a generation.”
William Richmond Consultant, Towers & Gornall Accountants, Garstang

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Geoff Tomlinson



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February 2014


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