Acorn Adventures


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The action packed narrative of Acorn Adventures takes the young reader on a journey back into the fascinating land of ancient Israel, where a group of children are given a mission to solve yet another mystery. In the previous story, Greenstone Mystery, the children discovered the greatest truth the world has ever known. They found out that God was not just a fairy tale or a nice idea that can be put aside and ignored. This time some of these children, with some new and interesting mates, follow the leading of a strange acorn, getting themselves into dangerous, and challenging circumstances, until they finally discover all the clues that lead them to the truth.

Today’s young readers are faced with some interesting questions. What was it like in the Garden of Eden? What is that story all about and how does it feel to be back there? What about that ridiculous story of Jonah and the whale? Following on from the popular Greenstone Mystery, this story packs a punch for 10 – 12 year olds. Acorn Adventures is a great read as a children’s chapter novel, but is also designed to be a tool for classroom or group discussion, with a useful study guide at the end of the book.

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Lynley Smith



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March 2018




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Lynley Smith counts it a great privilege to have visited Israel a number of times and is a passionate supporter of God’s Chosen People. She is a journalist of fifteen years’ standing, an ESOL teacher, and teacher of special needs children.

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