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This is the remarkable story of Angela, and written especially for those who are either adopted, have adopted a child or ministers to those who have been adopted. It is a story born out of heartache and ends with restoration and healing. Angela was born in 1941 to an unmarried mother and given up for adoption shortly after her birth. The adoptive home had all the trappings of wealth and care, but love, nurture and a father in the home were the missing ingredients.

The story is of Angela’s life, school, college, marriage, and then searching for and finding her biological mother when in her late forties. This was a profound milestone, and brought with it blood relatives, an extraordinary family history and genealogy, and the beginnings of an understanding of what it meant to be accepted and to belong.

The book tells how Angela became a Christian and subsequently joined the team at Ellel Ministries in Scotland, a worldwide healing and discipleship ministry. This move was pivotal as she completed the training programme for learning how to minister to people, and also received ministry for herself. The journey towards healing was not easy or speedy but was transformational, providing insight into the vital principals of true inner healing.

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Angela Davidson




5.5 x 8.5


160pp including b&w photographs

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April 2015


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Angela was born in 1941 to an unmarried mother who had tried unsuccessfully to abort her, and given up for adoption some nineteen days after her birth. The adoptive home had all the trappings of wealth and care, but love and a father were the missing ingredients, as the nurture was mainly given by a series of nannies.

The major events in Angela’s life were the searching for and finding of her biological mother in 1987, which was a profound milestone. This event brought with it a family tree, half-brothers, cousins and a whole blood family, a revelation to Angela. Here was a history and genealogy which Angela had never dreamed could happen, nor could she have imagined the impact it would have upon her.

The second and life-changing event was Angela making Jesus Lord of her life. This decision totally transformed her life and it is this part which is written about in the later part of the book.

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