Be A Voice, Not An Echo (Hardback)


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Stories of the miraculous and of Christ’s saving power to the world are not a thing of the past. As Pat’s amazing story and his lessons of spiritual life vividly illustrates, they happen today.

Pat’s story is one of an unerring trust in God through the storms of life. He knows what it is like to live through poverty, abuse and much loss. Yet with candour and authenticity Pat shares his wealth of experience in seeing the demonstration of God’s power of transformation in so many lives.

Pat doesn’t hold back on his personal trials and errors but holds fast to his belief that the Christian life is far more than meetings and programs. This adventure would develop into a lifestyle of becoming the message, rather than being an echo of his culture, background, church, or any celebrity, and to embrace his own uniqueness and the person God created him to be.

This book is a must read.

Topics covered, include:

  • God’s calling
  • Lessons of the wilderness
  • Nurturing the prophetic
  • Ways to healing
  • Understanding spiritual powers and principalities
  • Insight to overcoming invisible forces
  • Evangelism
  • Facing personal crises
  • Discerning curses

and much more.

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6×9" Hardback




Pat Regan




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