Beyond the Final Curtain

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Death is inevitable, unavoidable and for many, completely unexplainable. Why do we die at all? What is death, and is there anything beyond death? Our own death is truly a gateway that every single person must travel through, yet it is almost never talked about. It is a deadline nobody can remove. It is because of the enormous significance of death, that we should strive to know more about its place in our life’s journey. The author inspires the reader with truths and profound insights that both reassures and warns us that death isn’t a dead end. There is more beyond the final curtain of this life.

This book shares the eternal loving nature of Jesus and provides a balanced context for the judgements we face as we reach the threshold of the Kingdom to come. One day, an account will be taken of our lives on earth. This book helps you to measure your progress and give opportunity to grasp discipleship with Jesus as a joy and a magnificent privilege. The author implores, “Seek God now – don’t wait!”

“If you are dreading the event we all must go through, then this is your book. You should never have this fear again after reading it.”
R.T. Kendall

In this serious book Richard Roe boldly challenges us to face the prospect of our own eternal destiny. His arguments are compelling and urgent. The title alone is enough to shake us out of any complacency. It reminds me of words that John Berridge – eighteenth-century preacher from Everton, in Bedfordshire – chose for his grave – ‘Reader, art thou born again? No salvation without new birth.’
Faith Cook

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Richard Roe




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December 2014

4 reviews for Beyond the Final Curtain

  1. Paul

    Superb book!

  2. Charles Gardner

    As a journalist of more than 40 years, I am well used to deadlines. But I take my hat off to fellow writer Richard Roe for daring to tackle the ultimate deadline. In this excellent book, he addresses a subject most of us try all our lives to avoid – what happens when we die.
    Actually, it’s not as morbid as it sounds, and is both well written and hugely insightful. Basically, his thesis is that the resurrection of Jesus has dealt with man’s greatest enemy. But at the same time the author pulls no punches, asserting that Jesus is the only way to heaven and the only means of avoiding hell.
    His reasoning is intelligent, sound and practical, but essentially biblical, concluding that the Word of God holds the key to the hereafter.
    It may be a taboo subject not suited to livening up a party, but this is a deadline we will certainly all face sooner or later as well as a clear and beautiful presentation of the gospel that tells us Jesus has paid the price for our sins, which would otherwise condemn us to everlasting torment.
    The author also ably demonstrates how Jesus fulfills the Jewish (Old Testament) scriptures and how, in turning water into wine, he showed that he is Creator of the Universe.

  3. Richard Brash

    This book is not afraid to ask – and to answer – life’s biggest question: “What happens when we die?”
    I’ve never met a person who has not asked this question at some point in their lives, but it is all too common to put it on to the “back burner” and avoid thinking about death and what lies beyond.
    Richard Roe’s forthright and plain-speaking book puts the question back at the centre of his readers’ consciousness, and his answer is faithful to the Bible and the message of Jesus Christ.
    It’s a sombre message, with no punches pulled about our need of rescue from judgment after death, but it’s also a joyful and life-giving message, grounded in the love of God in giving his Son Jesus to save everyone who believes.

    This book will be helpful for many types of people:
    – those who are genuinely seeking answers for themselves
    – those who have lost a loved one
    – those who are perhaps not yet thinking about ultimate questions and need a “wake-up call”
    – convinced Christians who want to be encouraged in their faith.

    There are some interesting and (to me, at least) original ideas that the author develops in the book, particularly:
    – I found helpful the description of “fig-leaf religion” as the precursor and basis of all man-made religion, and the unexpected link with the unfruitful fig tree of Mark 11. The idea that man-made religion was “blown apart by God’s presence” I found particularly striking. This fits with an interpretation of Genesis 3:8 I find convincing which takes the hithphael verb “walking” in that verse to mean “moving backwards and forwards” and “in the cool of the day” to mean “in the Spirit of the Day [of the LORD]” – in other words this is a judgement theophany, not a casual stroll.
    – Samson in Judges 13-16 as an illustration of the eyes of an adulterer plucked out was a connection I have never seen before.
    – Paragraph 2 on page 61 about Jonah’s “resurrection” after 3 days as the surface reason why the people of Nineveh gave ear to his message helped explain a problem I have always wondered about. It is of course corroborated by the “sign of Jonah” reference made by Jesus.
    I had never considered the point about Joseph of Arimathea on page 125 and that he might himself have hoped to have been buried beside Jesus.

    In conclusion, I found this book to be clear and faithful, and I can envisage many for whom it will be helpful in leading them to life in Christ.

  4. Mark Weeden

    Facing our fears is not an easy thing to do. Carefully and thoughtfully Richard Roe helps us to face the greatest fear most people have – the end of life. In “Beyond the Final Curtain” Richard helps the reader to consider the reality of our own mortality, not with stoic indifference nor fatalism, but with a surprising hope, and even confidence of something beyond the grave. If you are uncertain of what happens at the end, or shy away from that inevitable “last journey”, reading this book could set you free, and even give you a greater confidence and purpose in living life! You might even want to buy extra copies to give to your friends.

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