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The Old Testament is one of the foremost proofs we have for the New Testament being the word of God. It was foundational to everything Jesus did and the benchmark used by his apostles in all their writing, preaching and doctrine. Yet, today, many Christians struggle to engage with it, while some parts of the church teach that it has been made redundant by the New Testament, which they believe has superseded it. A large number of Christians also struggle to reconcile the image of God they see portrayed in its pages with that presented by Jesus in the Gospels.

In this book, John Rennles seeks to challenge these misunderstandings by demonstrating the continued relevance and importance of the Old Testament for Christians today. Both Testaments are complementary sections of one book and he argues that a good understanding of both is essential if we wish to live productive lives as disciples of Jesus. Knowledge of the Old Testament will also help us to understand more fully everything which Christ has done for us. John strongly refutes the claim that God’s character changes between the Testaments by showing that God’s nature is consistent throughout every page of the Bible. In particular he focusses upon examples of God’s chesed, his loving-kindness, towards his people, which remains a constant factor throughout the whole of Scripture.

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John Rennles


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October 2021

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John Rennles is a Reader currently based in the Diocese of St Albans. He has been a Christian for over 35 years, during which time he has experienced worship in most of the major denominations in the UK church. A former Managing Editor of Prophecy Today magazine, he previously worked as administrator for the Edinburgh-based ministry There is Hope, who encouraged churches to work together in prayer and evangelism across denominational barriers, and also for March for Jesus (Scotland). He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Member of the Institute of Physics.