Dialogue with a Donkey


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A talking donkey and sword-wielding angel are the images most commonly associated with the Old Testament character of Balaam. Yet the significance and relevance of this ac-count seem to be rarely considered.

“Dialogue with a Donkey” aims to open up this extraordinary story by looking at other con-versations that were taking place… and which continue to do so. The compelling force of words to specifically direct, challenge, influence, affirm and develop people’s lives are considered through Balaam’s successive utterances. These pronouncements brought a divine perspective to the Israelites at that time. As this book advocates, we also need to hear what God is saying, breaking through all surrounding voices. It also underlines how Balaam’s words reached a climax in pointing to Jesus who continues powerfully speaking into our darkness.

The stubborn donkey ends up being the means by which other people had God’s life-giving word brought to them. We also need to hear such words. Are we listening?

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Stephen Bishop




5.5 x 8.5" Paperback

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February 2014


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