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The book of Ruth: Learning to find God gifted identity 

Life is a journey. But this is not only in a geographical sense where some seem to travel much further than others! It also includes growing and shaping our character, sense of vocation and abilities. But where is it pointing us? The Bible describes a personal relationship with God as essential to life as He intended us to experience. However, such a ‘faith journey’ also means that we are finding out about ourselves. The intriguing Book of Ruth in the Old Testament describes this woman’s journey, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As well as discovering God working in her life ‘behind the scenes’ she also finds her God-gifted identity … an awareness that is relevant and important to us. These chapters explore some of the ways in which God brought this affirmation into her life. Questions are provided to apply the lessons of Ruth to ourselves, making this material suitable for both individual reflection and small-group discussion.

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Stephen Bishop





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March 2016


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Living in London, Steve’s own journey in life has not covered many miles in a geographical sense on account of driving a ‘classic’ Morris 1000 (which has speed limitations!), cycling quite short distances and jogging even shorter ones! However, he views his faith in God as integrating every aspect of life into his spiritual journey including active involvement in a local church. Writing also forms part of this with previous books (also exploring Biblical-characters): ‘Dialogue with a donkey’, ‘Fleeces, fears and flames,’ and ‘Focusing beyond the horizon’. ‘The Way – Christianity without walls’ website regularly feature his thought-for-the-day contributions.

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