First Steps Into Healing


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The adventure began with an incredible healing experience for Dennis, who had suffered from M.E. for over 10 years. Responding to a televised word of knowledge, Dennis was totally healed in a very powerful and dramatic way! This life-changing moment led to Dennis and his wife, Cathy, being called deeper into the healing ministry. This book is a summary of the teaching and experiences God has provided, to date, during their journey of revelation. It is written specifically for those seeking to minister healing. Dennis blends personal testimony with practical experience of ministering in the Holy Spirit. Within these pages you will find helpful ways to overcome what may have previously held you back from making ministering healing part of your daily walk with Jesus.

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Dennis Acott






6×9” (229 x 152mm)

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August 2018


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Dennis and Cathy Acott are the founders of the Eagles 4031 Christian Ministry, through which they seek to share their experiences to teach, train and encourage all believers to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to practice healing as a part of their normal everyday Christian life. They have just moved to Norfolk from Kent, where they were members of Eastgate Church.

For further details of their ministry and how to contact them, please go to their ministry website.