Fleeces, Fears and Flames


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Gideon – Learning to connect with God

Gideon is a well-known Bible character. His exploits in leading just three hundred men to defeat a huge invading army has inspired many people when faced with situations which are ‘against-all-odds’. But how did it occur? Where was God in this scenario? How does this account relate to us?

‘Fleeces, fears and flames’ explores the Book of Judges in order to examine these ques-tions. Written in a down-to-earth manner, it looks at God connecting with Gideon despite his fears and fleece-laying doubts, then breaking through such frailty to release his power as seen in those flames. But it also shows that God is able to connect and work in our lives however daunting the challenges confronting us!

Suitable for individual reflection or group discussion, this material includes questions and a focus at the end of each main chapter to help connect the Biblical narrative in a personal way.

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Stephen Bishop






5.5 x 8.5"

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September 2014


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Living and working in London, Steve is active in a local Anglican church. He sees his Christian faith as connecting with every part of life – being a junior manager in a high pro-file government department, growing vegetables in his back yard and jogging. This is his second book following ‘Dialogue with a Donkey’, learning from Balaam about distinguish-ing God’s voice. ‘The Way – Christianity Without Walls’ website also regularly feature his contributions.