Focusing Beyond the Horizon


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We relate to our surroundings by sight and sound. Together with our other senses we are able to interact with people and situations. But are these enough? Is more happening around us than we understand? Are we missing out on a further perspective?

This book, ‘Focusing beyond the horizon,’ looks at the Biblical character of Samuel in the Old Testament. Described as a prophet, or “seer”, he saw more than the material world around him, being enabled to understand something of God’s bigger picture.

Looking at the way in which God worked in Samuel’s life, each bite-sized chapter in this material explores some of these factors and how we can also understand our world from God’s viewpoint.

Questions and reflections on this material are also included, being suitable for both individual consideration and small-group discussion.

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Stephen Bishop




5.5. x 8.5" (140 x 216mm)



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August 2015


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Living in London, Steve is active in a local Anglican church. He sees his Christian faith as connecting with every part of life – including having worked as a manager in a government department, driving a classic Morris Minor and jogging. This is his third book following ‘Di-alogue with a Donkey’ (learning from Balaam) and ‘Fleeces, Fears and Flames’ (applying lessons from the life of Gideon). ‘The Way – Christianity without walls’ website also regu-larly feature his contributions.

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