God – Real or Imagined?


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Does God actually exist, or is God simply an idea made up – imagined – by humans? This question has puzzled and challenged society for decades. What are the arguments on both sides, and what is the evidence one way or the other? Written from a Christian perspective, this fascinating book is an invitation to believers and non-believers to engage intelligently with the God Question. Its aim is not to try to persuade people, but to provide a forum for thoughtful, sensitive debate.

The author explains the importance of world-views that shape how we view the world around us, and summarises the different ways in which religions treat the idea of God. He outlines the so-called ‘Arguments for God’, including philosophical arguments and ones based on design, consciousness, morality, sacred texts, probability, and the cumulative case.

After looking at the ‘Death of God’ debate, he examines the different views of agnostics and atheists, and explores why Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists insist that God is simply an invention. He also debunks the popular ideas that modern science has made the idea of God redundant, religious faith is irrational, and science and human reason are value-neutral and objective. Should God make his presence more obvious for us to believe? The author presents a case for thinking of God not as a distant being who is judgmental and inaccessible to humans, but as a pervasive spirit who is near, loving, and accessible.

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October 2013

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