God’s Love and Truth


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The Christian Message


What does God have to say to His world? His story must begin with the truth about the mess we have got ourselves into. This is the bad news about the guilt that hangs over us and our separation from the loving God who made us. Against this backdrop God announces that he has good news to tell us. The good news of forgiveness and a fresh start with God. This is the Christian message.

Just curious? Read it and keep it!
Already a Christian? Read it then give it to someone else!

Includes a look at ten ‘stumbling blocks to faith’ and over 330 Bible quotes.

GOD’S LOVE AND TRUTH aims to tell you:

  • The complete Christian message; the whole plain truth, without dressing it up
  • Who God is and what he is like; his nature, character, desires, purposes and plans
  • What a Christian really is; the basis, beginning, life and destiny of a true Christian
  • How we stand with God; our choices and their consequences, good and bad

GOD’S LOVE AND TRUTH aims not to:

  • Seduce you with tantalising promises
  • Condemn you with harsh accusations
  • Persuade you with clever arguments
  • Patronise you by telling you how you should think, feel or respond
  • Deny your unique individuality with sweeping generalisations

GOD’S LOVE AND TRUTH is firmly based on God’s Word, the Holy Bible; inspired by God, written by people.

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Graham Leighton




5 x 8"

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May 2014




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