Has God Finished with Israel?


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‘The role of the Land and People of Israel has continuously been neglected by most of Christendom. It has also been said that Israel is the missing link in systematic theology. The result is that the Church has often not only perpetrated an anti-Judaic polemic but has also failed to understand the significance of “covenant”. This book contains the key to understanding God’s continued purposes for both the Jewish people and the Church. Rob Richards’ book is one of the most significant works written on the subject.’
The Rev. Canon Andrew White

“Much has been written and said by Christians on the whole issue of Israel, much of it triumphant, insensitive and simplistic. This book stems the flow. It is a journey of one man, challenged I believe by God, to take a close and deep look again at the place of Israel within the purposes of God.”
J. John (from the Foreword)

I recommend Rob Richards’ book to you with all my heart. Together we have studied, questioned, debated… perhaps it is no surprise that we have been so drawn to the story of a nation whose very name means “he who struggles with God…”
Adrian Snell, musician and songwriter

In this book the author seeks to discover the answers to probing questions, such as:

Are Jewish people still the ‘chosen people’?
Why are some Christians so excited about Israel?
What does the Bible have to say about the covenants and the promised Messiah?
What does it mean to be ‘joint heirs’ with Israel?
How do events in Israel today fit in with biblical prophecy?

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Rob Richards




5.06 x 7.81" (198 x 129mm)

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March 2016


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Rob Richards had a background in the City as a broker at Lloyd’s of London, the Insurance market and looks back on many rich experiences in the ministries that were to follow. He trained at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham, served as a curate at in Weymouth, Dorset then as a team vicar in Billericay, Essex. From there followed formative years as UK Director of CMJ, a long established ministry among Jewish people. He was invited by his home church of St Andrews, Chorleywood to become Associate Vicar. Together with Anna, they later joined the Community at Lee Abbey, the Christian Community and Conference Centre in North Devon where he enjoyed being senior chaplain, before moving back to their home in Wareham, Dorset where he became the founder of Connect Dorset. Rob Richards is married to Anna, with a family of three all now married and now have seven grandchildren.

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