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26 March 2015 marked the culmination of one of the more amazing chapters in the history of the English nation. The mortal remains of King Richard III were reinterred for all time in Leicester Cathedral, 530 years after his death at Bosworth Field, fighting for his crown. Two and a half years earlier, against all the odds, an archaeological dig in a council car park had uncovered these remains. The stories of how that came to pass, and of how those remains were then positively identified, have been well documented. But not until now has the journey from that point to their final reburial been told. This book does that – from the point of view of the ultimate insider. The man Leicester Cathedral chose to rebury a king.

“I think Leicester cathedral has achieved something quite extraordinary. It feels as if the whole community has rallied to this day. I don’t think there is another cathedral or city that could have pulled this off with such perfection.”

Jon Snow
Channel 4 presenter, in live broadcast coverage of reinterment

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Pete Hobson




5.5 x 8.5" / 140 x 216mm

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March 2016




Paperback, Hardback


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Pete Hobson was born in 1953 in Macclesfield, and before being ordained worked variously as a demolition contractor, a postman and a hospital orderly. Since 1977 he has spent most of his life as a ‘vicar’, first in inner-city Manchester, then in Hackney and, since 2000, in Leicester. He is married to Sue: they have five children, and a goodly number of grandchildren too. Pete likes reading science and historical fiction, supporting Leicester Tigers, and a good walk, but not all at the same time.