Israel, The Ingathering Goes On


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This book is not only about the adventures of Esther Lever, as she seeks out the Jews of the East, and those from Central Asia as well as those from the ends of the earth. It bears testimony to God’s heart and to His faithfulness to His Word, in regathering His scattered people Israel, who have been dispersed to the four corners of the world (Jeremiah 31:10). The adventures that Esther shares with us in this, her second book, will encourage and challenge each one of us as to what it means to be a fisher of men as an obedient servant of the Lord.

Time and again we will see how God sovereignly arranges for Esther to find and then meet with Jewish people and to share with them a simple message of hope that their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord Jesus, has not forgotten them and that He is calling them home to their land, the land of Israel, given to them by the Lord God and eternally secured by His everlasting covenant. This return is known in Hebrew as the aliyah.

– From the foreword by Ken Hepworth

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Esther Lever






5.5 x 8.5" (140 x 216mm)

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January 2015


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