The Mystery of the Cross


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The author explains the profound relationship between heaven and earth by using the principals of physics to intelligently reason the mystery of the cross, and the path created from earth to heaven for the saving of souls.

This fascinating book has been written to demonstrate how physics, as part of God’s creation, mirrors the equally complex attributes of the spiritual world we live in, but rarely perceive. For instance, the mathematical formula “qp – pq” explains how the inner world and the outer world unfold together.

The book helps the reader to rationalize many spiritual principals the Bible teaches using basic scientific reasoning. The two main forces of the universe are light and darkness: they are the two main forces in a spiritual sense and also in an outer or literal sense. As an example, there is a parallel between the spiritual and visible worlds. Sunset reminds one of the end of life which is merely a passage from life to heaven when saved. Negative and positive forces in physics reflect negative and positive forces in the spiritual realm. The physics behind these principals gives us a glorious interpretation of God’s creation and purpose for mankind.

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Rosemary A. Holgate




5.5 x 8.5" (140 x 216mm) Paperback

Publication Date

December 2014




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