Ordinary People Finding Jesus

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Behind closed doors, what appears to be an ordinary life can be anything but ordinary – all for the wrong reasons. In this raw life story, Pauline presents her broken life as an example of what it means to fall into the pit of darkness, yet to find the light of hope and freedom.

Brought up in South Africa, Pauline’s childhood was quickly turned upside down by the remarriage of her mother to a violent alcoholic husband. A knife put in his back was just the start of a series of horrific life events that Pauline would witness. A series of abusive husbands of her own resulted in mental abuse for decades, which led her down the dark path of bulimia and depression. Evil seemed to hold her in bondage.

This is a gritty story of suicide, family deaths, tragedy, illness and pain. Yet for Pauline, this was an ordinary life. Despite the brokenness and despair, God was moving in her life and provided a remarkable way to experience true love and healing. A work opportunity in the United Kingdom brought her to a foreign land where she knew no one, except the God who loved her.

This is Pauline’s testimony that will give tremendous hope to those whose ordinary lives have become unbearable, who feel on the margins of society. You are not alone. This is her story of recovery, into the hands of Jesus, her Saviour.

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Pauline Howell






5.5 x 8.5" (216mm x 140mm)

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November 2015

2 reviews for Ordinary People Finding Jesus

  1. Iris

    Lovely written, touched my heart and soul in more ways than I can say. It is as if my body had absorbed it, as if it’s “Inside” of me…

  2. Nicole

    Excellent book. I could not put it down once I started it. Would definitely recommend it.

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