Pursuit of Peril


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In the late 1930s, Benjamin (Benny) Goldberg, along with other volunteers, agrees to become part of a clandestine mission, designed by a determined Jewish leadership in Palestine. Their mission is to return to Europe and rescue as many Jews as possible from the Nazis. Benny must say goodbye to life as he knows it, along with the woman he loves. Later that love will be tested.
Jewish immigrants, connected through circumstances, struggle to survive their perilous journey on both land and sea. A passionate Benny must fight to control his own feelings as he encourages others to believe in themselves and their ability to survive.
This novel evokes a wide range of emotions as we follow the sequence of events, causing the reader to pause and reflect. The resilience of those on this perilous pursuit for survival—and the shocking outcome of the mission—is a true testament to the human spirit.
This is their story.

This thrilling novel weaves in many of the extraordinary real historic events leading up to the eventual establishment of the State of Israel. With Jews threatened across Europe, the urgent call to emigrate to then British Palestine was strong. Palestine had a burgeoning Jewish presence and were advanced in building their communities, ready to help receive lives endangered by the enveloping political darkness building up to World War 2. But there were many obstacles and dangers.

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Marlys and Isaac Adler


Hardback ISBN: 9781911211761
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Paperback, Hardback


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