Put Off Your Shoes


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The Reason, The Strategy and the Purpose of God’s Call

“Pastor Idy Samuel is one of the emerging true, visionary missionaries to the British Isles. His passion for God and the Kingdom is highly contagious, seeping through the pages of Put Off Your Shoes. His personal journey and spiritual odyssey is woven very delicately within a unique exegesis of the Moses narrative. Anyone hungry for God and His call will find priceless nuggets within the pages of this foundational piece. I recommend the ministry of Pastor Idy to every leader and Christian and pray that we will all put off our shoes in humble obedience to God’s eternal call.”
Dr. Jonathan Oloyede
Convener, Global Day of Prayer, London, UK

“Pastor Idy Samuel makes plain the otherwise intricate process of fulfilling the divine call of God upon our lives. For those needing direction, we do well to follow the Biblical pattern. And for those operating in the call, we do well to review this book for the witness of certainty.”
Bishop Robert E. Smith, Sr.
Total Outreach for Christ Ministries, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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Idy Samuel






5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm)

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July 2017


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Idy Samuel is an insightful teacher, counsellor, mentor and pastor of Destiny Life Assembly, a vibrant Word based movement located in the city of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He is a man of integrity with a passion to know Christ and to make Him known, with the belief we are in a time when only those who are in tune with the throne room of grace will be able to activate and give application to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. This will direct our steps, shape our businesses and transform our communities. He is married to Tosin and they are both blessed with Mercy, Joy and Charity.