Rescue Flight


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Stranded in war-torn Bosnia, cut off from her colleagues, and with a number of children in her care, Dr. Pamela Crichton was determined to save them. With no possible rescue party, Pam’s cousin Amy intervened, convincing friends and family in England to help put in motion an ambitious plan to save them all. Enlisting a shadowy figure with a murky military past, events quickly spiral out of control. An ordinary family’s rescue plan escalates to hijacking a commercial airliner, and yet even this extraordinary turn becomes the least of their worries as their desperate rescue embroils them into something that is devastating to their cause. A dangerous underworld threatens their plans as different people try to lay hands on a large quantity of arms-dealing funds. It puts the entire family on a nightmarish adventure to find a way not just to rescue Pam and the children, but themselves.

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Judy Breedon




6 x 9"



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December 2013

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